Best Adults Skateboards

Paul Simonon once said “You’re only as old as you feel”, a statement that his legions of fans seized on and turned into both a battle-cry and a mantra. While still relatively unknown in mainstream circles, Simonon, the bass player for the Clash, represented the populist face of underground culture. Dwelling at the center of the crossroads where pop music, punk rock, fashion, and politics meet, the Clash were, and still are, beloved by all manner of different clans and cliques who inhabited and still dwell within, those circles. But no group of daredevils and untamed spirits loved, and love, the Clash more than skateboarders. 

So it’s rather fitting that one of the skateboarding scenes most beloved musical icons should be the one responsible for drawing adults of all sizes, genders, and age groups to skateboarding. Skateboarding, like Simonon’s philosophy, doesn’t care how old you are. It isn’t restricted by age or biased against any generational faction. Skating is an athletic pursuit and lifestyle that welcomes everyone. An open and inviting pastime, it operates on simple doctrine - come one, come all, and bring your board.

Best Adults Skateboards

Skateboarding is a perfect way to help to maintain an active mind and a healthy body.   It doesn’t matter if you’re a little bit older or drifting into middle age, skateboarding is a great, fun way to get fit, stay in shape and enjoy, and learn, something new. The brands that make the boards that keep skaters rolling the world over know that plenty of people get into skating during adult life and so make a wide variety of skateboards to help encourage that enthusiasm and passion. 

While the skateboarding manufacturer’s stance is admirable, it does open up a potential minefield. With so many adult skateboards, for both beginners and slightly more seasoned skaters, available, how do you go about choosing the right skateboard? How do you know which skateboard suits you best? That’s where we come in.

To take a little bit of the pain out of that particular headache, we’ve found five of the best adult skateboards currently hiding within the enclaves o the skate scene and have come up with a list that will not only tell you all about them but will also, hopefully, point you in the direction of the skateboard you’ve been looking for. That said, you don’t want to waste any of the time that could be used for skating, so let’s begin…

Top 5 Best Adults Skateboards


If there’s one name in Skateboarding that’s earned its stripes a hundred and ten times over, it’s Powell. Originally formed during skateboarding’s zenith in the late seventies, Powell Peralta was the brand popularised by the most famous team in skateboarding history, the Bones Brigade. While their name may have changed since then, Powell’s commitment to making durable, affordable and easy to ride skateboards hasn’t. 

The Golden Dragon Flying Dragon, at thirty-two inches, is slightly longer than average skateboard so it should provide the beginner with a little more confidence. After all, a slightly longer board gives you more space to play with, learn how to stand and find the position and stance that you’re comfortable with.   It might not seem much, but that extra couple of inches makes all the difference.

All Powell skateboards use their patented ligament strap, a safety feature that means if the skateboard does break, it won’t snap into pieces. It’s a massive boon when it comes to preventing injuries and helping beginners to find the faith and confidence in themselves, and their boards, that they’ll need in order to get the most out of skateboarding. 

Riding on a set of precision-made, hard polyurethane wheels, the Golden Dragon Flying Dragon is a fast board that’s relatively simple to ride for beginners while the responsiveness of the trucks means that more advanced skaters should get just as much out of the board as those of you starting their skateboard journey.


  • At around one hundred dollars the Golden Dragon is an affordable and fun entry-level skateboard from a legendary skateboard brand. You’re not going to go far wrong with a Powell board at this price.
  • The build quality is second to none and the Golden Dragon is made to be durable and strong. By the time you’re ready to move on from this board, you’ll be ready to start looking for pro-rides
  • There’s enough grip on this skateboard to keep even the most goofy-footed of newbies glued to the deck. Imagine how much grip you’d like it to have and then multiply that by ten, and you’ll be in the right ballpark.


  • It’s a fast board.  It might even be a little too fast for the freshest of fresh-faced beginners. Speed, just like those old safety campaigns used to say, kills and while the Golden Dragon won’t put you in an early grave if you fall off while it’s going too fast, it’ll almost certainly ruin your day.
  • Those things that make the Golden Dragon so zippy, the wheels? They’re hard and unforgiving, so if you’re looking for a smooth, plain sailing ride, then look elsewhere. This Dragon isn’t for you.


It might look a little funny, but the Atom Drop Deck Longboard is the perfect board to learn how to skate on. Lengthwise it gives you all the room you’ll need to practice and perfect everything that skating will demand from you. And that funny shape that it wears so well, it’s made to help you master turning and changing direction. Looks might not be everything, but they sure do help where it matters as far as the Atom Drop Deck is concerned. 

See how low it sits? The lower a skateboard is to the ground, the easier it is to control and boards don’t come much easier to control than this funny looking beast. The Atom’s height, or rather lack of it, also provides a greater degree of stability, which is another sure-fire confidence booster when it comes to rolling down the street on your new board for the first time. 

Made to cruise and help you grasp all of the rudiments of skateboarding while advancing your skating artistry to the nth degree, the Atom Drop Deck Longboard also comes with a one year warranty that should give you additional peace of mind when it comes to conquering the tarmac.

It isn’t a skateboard for the screaming, trick happy long time devotee, but it isn’t meant to be. The Atom Drop Deck is all about cruising around, cultivating your skating game and tackling skateboarding head-on, the way it was meant to be faced. Just you, a board and the street. 


  • The Atom’s low height and long length mean it’s easy to ride and even easier to up your skating game on. It delivers a sense of control that few other skateboards do and as such is an ideal beginner’s board.
  • It’s not going to break the bank. At a tad over one hundred dollars, it isn’t an expensive, or frivolous investment, it’s a relatively cheap way to have fun and keep in shape. 
  • That warranty? It’s invaluable. It’ll help ease any worries that you might have about your new pastime as you’ll know you’re as protected as you can be. Providing that you also wear the correct safety gear while riding your new board. After all, you can’t be too careful. Which is why warranties are always welcome.


  • Some new owners have reported quality issues and that maybe the build of their boards isn’t everything that it could and should be. Some boards have arrived warped, some missing pieces, and some with an undesirable finish. While this isn’t the case with the majority of Atom Drop Decks, it is something worth bearing in mind.


Remember when you were young and things were designed to last? When built-in obsolescence wasn’t a thing and everything was made from nearly indestructible plastic? Penny does, which is why their classic boards can be run over by a car and come out the other side without so much as a scratch. You might not survive being hit by an automobile, but your Penny board will.

Relatively short, these classic boards come in two sizes, twenty-two, and twenty-seven inches and hark back to the formative days of skateboarding. Made from incredibly light, tougher than the entire WWE locker room plastic, the Penny Classic is designed to be taken anywhere and everywhere, and if you can’t ride it to wherever it is you’re going, it’s small enough to comfortably fit in your backpack.

While their size makes them easy to control, Penny Classic’s are made for street skating and just getting to wherever it is you need to get to. They’re the ideal board for the skater who doesn’t want the thrill of breaking the land speed record, but instead just want to enjoy skating. It’s a carver board for beginners that’ll go the distance regardless of however far that turns out to be.

Oh, and talking of going the distance, the Penny Classic comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, so if some disaster should befall your skateboard, just dial up your warranty and Penny will do the rest. 


  • The Penny Classic doesn’t need any additional grip tape, it’s got all the grip it needs stamped into its durable plastic deck. See that patterning on the top of the board? It’ll hold you in place almost as well as a tube of superglue would. 
  • We love a warranty and we’re pretty sure that you do too. Especially when it’s a lifetime one. Warranties don’t get any better than those whole life ones. Yes sir, we really like the Penny’s warranty.
  • These skateboards are made to outlast just about anything and everything that you and Mother Nature can throw at them. 
  • Compact and cool, they’ve got that awesome retro look that hipsters and movers and shakers love. Therefore, if you’re riding a Penny Classic, you’ll automatically be cooler than cool.


  • Speed isn’t their friend. They’re not meant to be downhill racing machines, they’re street cruisers for the more responsibility minded adult who likes to remember how good things used to be. 
  • The whole retro vibe that Penny’s embrace? You’re either going to love it or hate it. There’s no middle ground. And you’ve probably already decided which side of that fence you’re on. 


A best of both worlds skateboard, the Minority is designed with all levels of skaters in mind and should see you through from learning to skate on the street to grinding bowls at your local skate park. Providing of course, that’s your thing. But even if it isn’t, the Minority will do everything that you want or need it too, no matter how demanding or unchallenging those things may be. 

Providing a smooth ride on the street, the Minority flagship board is also versatile enough to encourage you to learn all of those tricks that look easy when the kids are doing them, but are actually incredibly complicated and difficult to get right. Well, they would be if you weren’t riding a Minority board, but if you are they’re just as easy to do as the kids make them look. 

Minority is also a company with a conscience and all of the materials that they use to build their skateboards are ethically sourced and their usage is designed to cause minimal damage to the environment. Riding a Minority skateboard takes a little of that planet-destroying weight off your shoulders too and carrying less weight, in whatever way it presents itself, is always a blessing.

And let’s not forget that these incredibly durable skateboards are made from seven-ply maple, come with aluminum trucks and wheels that’ll happily deal with any surface you want to ride, enough grip tape to stick you to the deck and the sort of maneuverability that’ll get you out of any tight situation. Whatever your level of ability, the Minority is a skateboard that’s guaranteed to steal your heart.


  • That seventy dollar price tag isn’t something to be sniffed at. This board might be the second cheapest option on the list, but don’t let the price fool you into thinking that it’s not as good as the competition. It is. You’re just getting a lot more board for your money because you’re paying for the product and not the brand.
  • It’s a durable, smooth-riding board that’ll do everything you want it too and a whole lot more besides. 
  • Thanks to its shape and design, the Minority is also a stable board with enough length to inspire the same sort of confidence in a beginner as the more costly Powell does.


  • Once again, it’s a build quality issue. When the reviews are good, they’re very, very good but when they’re bad, they’re horrid. Even though the good reviews far outweigh the bad, those negative reviews are worth bearing in mind if this board is on your shortlist.


Last on our list, is another compact cruiser that’s designed to ride well, look good and comes in a whole host of designs that’ll hit you in your heart instead of your purse strings. At a snug twenty-two inches, the Rimable board is made to be a classic street cruiser that’s perfect for getting beginners out and about and skating.

Unlike the Penny, the other plastic street cruiser on our list, the Rimable comes in at under one hundred dollars. In fact, it comes in at a lot under one hundred dollars. The price is quite astonishing and for what you’ll actually pay for this skateboard, you’re getting a lot.

What are you getting we hear you ask? Okay, what you get is a twenty-two-inch plastic cruiser that rides on aluminum trucks and super smooth wheels and has it’s own built-in, patterned grip on the top side of the deck. As we said, it’s a whole lot of skateboard for what it'll cost you. 

It may not be built for speed, but the Rimable is an excellent board for beginners to learn how to skate, and master all of the skateboarding basics that they ever need to know, on. Do you want to learn how to skateboard? Then this is the board to do it on.


  • It’s an incredibly simple skateboard that’s designed to do an incredibly simple thing. To teach whoever owns it how to skate. That’s all it’s made to do and it’s uncommonly good at what it does. 
  • That price tag. At sixty dollars, the Rimable is the cheapest skateboard on our list and even if you decide that skating isn’t for you, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to find that out.


  • The same old reliability issue that plagues so many skateboards also has its claws in the Rimable. It really does seem like you get what you pay for as users have complained about all sorts of problems from boards not coming in the design pattern that they ordered to boards snapping in half after a couple of months.

Best Adults Skateboards Buyers Guide

What are the main types of skateboard?

Technically, there are a lot of different types of skateboards that are designed for different skating styles. But broadly speaking, skateboards fall into two categories:

Longboards Made primarily for cruising and street skating, longboards are also more suited to fast, downhill skating and because they’re, by definition, longer than normal skateboards and lower to the ground, they’re easier to learn to skateboard on as they’re more stable and offer a greater amount of control to the rider. 

Shortboards While they’re also a street skating friendly board, shortboards are more suited to learning tricks, and stunts, on than longboards are. 

Why learn to skateboard? 

Skateboarding is an ideal way to keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It promotes fitness, aids balance and coordination, and is an all-inclusive pastime and sport that welcomes everyone, regardless of age or gender, into its embrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which skateboard is the right one for me?

By now, you’ve probably decided what you want from skateboarding, which style of skating you’d like to try your hand, or get better, at and you’ll almost certainly have set your budget according to what you can comfortably afford. Even though skateboarding isn’t a disastrously expensive pastime, it isn’t exactly cheap either, but whatever you want to achieve with, and get out of, skateboarding there’s an option on our list for you.

If you just want to try your hand at skateboarding and dip your toes into the skating world, then we’d recommend the Rimable as it’s an extremely affordable way to find out if skateboarding is something you’ll enjoy. If you’re looking for something more, or are returning to the skate scene after a lengthy absence, then you won’t go far wrong with either the Powell or the Minority boards. At the end of the day though, you know what you want and, after reading our list, hopefully, you now know which board is the right one for you. There are streets to skate and ramps to hit, so choose your board and let’s go…   

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