Best Longboard for Commuting

You can’t beat longboarding for your commute!  Fun, fast, efficient, and so much more convenient than riding a bike.  Just think, no fuel costs, no parking tickets, no traffic jams!  All you need is the right longboard and you’re good to go.

But choosing the right board can be tricky.  You’ve got to think about the wheels, the trucks, the bearings and the deck.  But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

We’ve been checking out a range of some of the coolest longboards out on the market today, and have handpicked a few that we think are really good for choices for your commute.

best longboard for commuting

We’ve got our reviews on them coming up shortly, and after that, we’ve got a handy buying guide for you which walks you through some of the different things you might want to think about before you buy.

Following that, we’ve also got a brief section where we answer one or two of your most frequently asked questions.

Top 5 Best Longboard for Commuting


It may not look like the fanciest longboard on the street, but boy has this longboard got a lot going for it!

It’s actually one of Amazon’s best selling longboards, and if you take a look at the Amazon page, you’ll see that customer feedback has been fantastic. 

I mean, how often do you see something rated an average of a full 5 stars out 5, when over 400 people have submitted their own individual ratings.

One thing we love about it is the large 70mm diameter wheels, with these beauties you can ride around not just swiftly but super smoothly too, even when you hit rough terrain. 

The truck length comes in at 7 inches on both the nose and the tail end of the board, which is great for balance.

We also love the deck - a bamboo veneer over a hard maple core.  This gives it a real stiff flex, which helps allow better balance when cruising.  

It also has a kicktail, which is so handy for getting up and down curbs.

The board itself has a rather understated and unisex appearance, which we think would actually appeal to many as a change from some of the more over the top, more heavily designed longboards out there.


  • Fantastic customer ratings
  • Understated appearance
  • Really large wheels
  • Long wheelbase
  • Kicktail


  • Not much flex in the board, but that’s not always a bad thing
  • Some people see this as an expensive longboard, but customers who’ve actually bought it seem to feel it’s well worth the money.


This longboard from Volador, not only looks good but rides good too.

It comes in a nice length of 42 inches and the deck is an 8 ply natural maple deck and it has a tad more flex than your standard longboard.  And it has plenty of shock absorption, which is perfect for when you have to cover rough terrain.

It’s wheels are a nice large 70mm, again to help you cover rough terrain.  They’re also of optimum hardness, coming in at 78a, and they come with top quality bearings, for a super smooth glide.

The wheelbase is nice and long, coming in at 34 inches at both the nose and the tail ends, which is great for balance and stability.

It also has kicktails, which has two benefits, it can help with popping up and down curbs and you can make sharp turns with it too.

The top side of the deck features a cartoon fish in black and white on top, and you can choose your favorite artwork for the underside.  (We like the Solar one and the Polar bear one.)  And best of all, the graphics won’t fade over time.

Where this board really stands out though is with the manufacturer’s aim for making the boards as environmentally friendly as possible, harvesting only from sustainable woods, recycling offcuts and so on.

Sales of this board via Amazon have been phenomenal and the customer rating is almost as phenomenal.   After well over 1,711 individual customer ratings, the average comes in at a very nice 4 and a half stars out of 5.

Although there’s no mention of a warranty, the customer service is pretty good if you have any queries or issues.


  • 70mm large wheels
  • Good shock absorption
  • Has kicktails
  • Amazon best seller
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Customers are saying that whilst the board is great for beginners it’s not so hot for doing tricks.


This is a great little drop style longboard from Atom, and comes highly recommended.

What we love about this longboard is that the middle of the deck is sunken, which means you ride really close to the ground, which is great for stability and great for beginners.

This unique shape also really helps with taking turns and corners AND helps do away with wheel bite.

It’s also super easy to get great speed on a single push, which means you get less wear and tear as you commute. 

The wheels are a large 70mm wide which is great for going over rough terrain, and they’re high rebound urethane.  They come with ABEC bearings complete with high speed lubricant.

And to keep your feet in place, there’s 80S grip tape.

Customer feedback has been very positive, and after well over 500 individual customer ratings, the average Amazon customer rating comes out at an impressive 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5.

We’re also reassured by the manufacturer’s one year warranty against any defects.


  • Ultra low riding for stability
  • Comes highly recommended
  • Design eliminates wheel bite
  • 80S sticky grip tape 
  • 70mm large wheels


  • Not designed for heavier skaters


This longboard from Retrospec has really been flying off the shelves.

The deck is a long 44 inches and is made as a bamboo and maple hybrid, giving it a nice level of flexibility, and a nice finish.

The board is nicely lightweight, which is good for when you need to pick it up and carry it (not everyone is happy for you to skate indoors, sadly).

The wheels are a nice 70mm wide, which should really help with tackling rougher terrain.

We also love it’s kicktail, which is great for getting on and off the curbs of the sidewalk.

The trucks are great too, reactive and smooth gliding, with precision abec-7 bearings.

What’s really different about it though is the 85a PU wheels, which means they’re much softer than skateboard wheels, but not too soft.

We weren’t surprised to see it in the Amazon best seller list for the category, and neither were we surprised that after well over 3,000 individual customer ratings, the average Amazon customer rating worked out at 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5.

We were a little disappointed that there only seems to be one color option/design, but that said it’s understated style may appeal to many people across the board.


  • Affordable price point
  • Great customer ratings
  • Great little kicktail
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Happy medium of wheel softness


  • Some customers who’ve run into problems with it recommend upgrading the wheel bearings and adjusting the trucks.


This longboard from Sector 9 is perfect for your commute!

It’s easy to push along, it maintains its speed, and really goes the distance.  You can simply glide to work or college.

With it’s sturdy 7 ply maple wood 40 inch long deck, you get a nice, stable speed, even when you’re going downhill.

It also features Black ERG grip tape to keep your feet in place on the board.

The wheels on the board are a little smaller than we’d like to be honest, because not all commutes are entirely on smooth surfaces.  But to make up for that, the wheels have the optimum level of hardness, coming in at 78a. 

And better yet, they’ve also got ABEC 5 Greaseball bearings for an ultra smooth feel.

One of the things that really impressed us about this longboard though was the 25 year warranty!  If you find any defects in the board within that time you can get it repaired or replaced.


  • Maintains its speed
  • Black ERG grip tape 
  • Optimum wheel hardness
  • Great wheel bearings
  • 25 year warranty


  • Only one color option available (smart though)
  • Wheels are a tad on the small side, coming in at 65mm
  • Premium product at a premium price

Best Longboard for Commuting Buying Guide

OK, let’s get straight to the nitty gritty.

What to look for in a longboard for commuting

For those who don’t already know, the best longboards for commuting are typically the ones that are best for cruising.  

You need to be able to generate plenty of speed and be able to tackle all the different terrain you’ll need to get across on your journey. 

You should also aim for longboards that provide stability and help with balance, seeing that your aim is to get from A to B with no incidents of physically bumping into strangers crowding the pavement along the way.

So, let’s look at how different features of a longboard can help produce these results.

Generate plenty of speed

The wheel size is what’s largely responsible for the skateboard’s speed.  Larger wheels roll faster than smaller wheels because there’s less friction between the wheels and the ground’s surface.

To get rolling nice and fast on a single push, you will need wheels of at least 70mm ideally, or maybe even as big as say 75 to 76mm.

However we do recommend that you ensure that your wheel size is in proportion with your deck size.  You must also ensure that your weight is also well supported by the size of the wheels.

Tackle different terrain

If you expect to tackle some rougher terrain, then larger wheels are best, because they can roll more easily over any cracks in the sidewalk.  As we mentioned earlier, a wheel size of about 70mm or more would be a good choice for cruising and commuting.

It’s also worth noting that having some flexibility in your longboard’s deck also improves stability as you cruise over rough terrain.

If you expect that you’ll need to cover some rough terrain, and the longboard that you like the look of doesn’t have particularly big wheels, then that’s not an issue because you can always buy different wheels separately and put them on yourself. 

Many retailers, including the likes of Amazon, sell longboard wheels on their own, plus any parts such as bearings, and all at reasonable prices.

Provide stability and balance

Wheelbase length is key when it comes down to a longboard’s stability.  

Boards with longer wheelbases (and wider decks) generally provide more stability at speed, but on the flip side, they can’t turn as fast or as tight as boards with shorter wheelbases.

The deck’s flexibility affects stability and balance too - more on this shortly.

So, what does all that mean in terms of which longboard to get?  We’ve mentioned that larger wheels are best, but what about deck size?

Deck size

The width and length of longboard decks kind of go hand in hand, because longer boards are generally wider, while shorter boards are usually narrower.  

What deck length and width to go for all comes down to the rider’s height, shoe size and riding style. In general taller skateboarders benefit from a longer deck, since bigger length promises more width and more room for your feet.

Our recommendation, if you need one or are a little unsure, is that you for a deck in the mid 30s (inches), but to be honest, longboard length mostly comes down to personal preference. 

Just remember to bear in mind that longer boards are great for carving at high speeds, while shorter boards help you to make shorter, quicker turns.

Deck shape

Longboards often have a rather generic shape, with the nose of the board a tad thicker than the tail end.  But if you get a board with a kicktail, where the tail of the board is slightly raised, this can help you to pop up and down curbs more easily.

Deck flexibility

The longboard’s level of flexibility is also something that you should give some thought to.  Having a board that flexes can be a great help on those long rides, and it will feature an element of shock absorption when you cruise on rough terrain.

Your typical 7 or 6 ply maple wood deck should have all the flex you would need for your commute.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you commute on a longboard?

The best way to commute on a longboard is to use bike paths wherever possible, and to use back roads where the traffic is rather low.  Sidewalks are also a very good option provided that cracks are few and far between.  

But please, when using sidewalks, always ensure that any pedestrians using the sidewalk are fully aware of your presence, so that they don’t bump into you and knock you off your board.

Are longboards better for beginners?

You can get both skateboards and longboards that make good choices for beginners, but on the whole, a longboard would be ideal for beginners, since they’re made for cruising.  

In addition to simply being bigger, they also offer more stability throughout the ride, and have softer wheels to boot, which makes straightforward cruising far easier.

What is better, a longboard or cruiser?

For those who didn’t already know, a cruiser is a fusion of skateboards and longboards.  Longboards have a number of different advantages over a cruiser.  

They are not only more stable, but they are also easier to maneuver.  If you're a beginner or novice, just starting out with skateboarding we would recommend that you start with longboards, as they are considerably easier to ride.

That said there is one advantage that cruisers have over longboards, and that’s that they’re easier to carry around.

How much should you spend on a longboard?

When it comes to longboards, it’s pretty much a case of you get what you pay for.  It is possible to get longboards for under $100 but these are not, by any stretch of the imagination good quality boards.

And if you did find a longboard with a decent deck for under $100, then you’ll find yourself having to shell out cash for replacing various parts.