7 Best Skate Camps in the USA

Summer camp for skateboarding? You bet. 

America has a strong culture for summer camp – sending the kids away so someone else can teach them relevant life skills, mixed with a fair bit of fun. And skateboarding fits into that mix fairly well, as we’ll examine.

Below, let’s have a look at the best overnight and daytime skateboarding camps in the USA. These camps offer an excellent opportunity to meet new people, socialize, learn new skills, and spend quality time with others during summer. 

  1. Camp Woodward (various locations) https://www.woodwardpa.com/

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Camp Woodward has locations in various parts of the USA, and they have been around for over four decades. This camp encompasses all skill levels, is very inclusive, and it also welcomes children. The focus is on a relaxed style of tutoring so that campers can learn at their own pace while still enjoying maximum fun. This camp isn’t solely devoted to skateboarding, however; other sports are incorporated, too. Each afternoon, there are open sessions where campers are free to try out something new. The cost is about $1300, and is often cheaper in early or late summer. 

The American Camp Association recognizes Camp Woodward, and therefore campers should expect high quality and safety standards. They also have their own YouTube channel series featuring a wide array of their happy campers. 

  1. The YMCA Skate Camp (Encitas, California) https://www.ymcaskatecamp.org/

Image Credit: https://www.ymcaskatecamp.org/

The YMCA has existed for over 30 years and has strong foundations when it comes to giving campers a solid experience. Some skilled tutors and coaches organize personal skate instruction one-on-one with boarders, and they also host group sessions on various skating styles and obstacles. Each day, campers choose the obstacle or skating style they like and spend time honing their skills. The YMCA focuses on giving campers a safe environment that’s also wildly fun. A wide range of other activities feature besides skateboarding, such as music, art, and survival skills. The cost is $799 for one week or $1400 for two.

  1. Seek Skate Camp (formally Windells) (Portland, Oregon) https://seekskatecamp.com/

Image Credit: https://windells.com/our-campus-1

Skaters of all abilities are welcome at Seek, which has elevated teaching standards from a highly experienced staff. Campers can expect trips daily to skate parks in the area around Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and to access Seek’s private skate campus. Other sporting activities like mountain biking and dodgeball are available as well.

There’s also the included lodging, 24-hour supervision, and three meals a day, as well as shuttle rides to and from the airport. This camp is co-ed, and they also accommodate all-girls programs like video premieres, skate clinics, and other activities that are reserved solely for females. Seek provides eight days of summer camping, which costs around $1250 (but $1,100 in August).

  1. Ohio Dreams Summer Camp (Butler, Ohio) https://www.ohiodreams.com/

Image Credit: https://www.ohiodreams.com/

Ohio Dreams camp was established by “skaters for skaters”. There are plenty of skateboarding facilities here, including rails, awesome ramps, and indoor and outdoor camp areas. The focus here is for campers to learn and make a progressive impact, and anyone can learn new skills and advance to a higher level as they desire. You’ll also find many other activities for campers that you’ll like. 

Campers can expect three meals each day and a lodge that’s spacious during their action-packed time here. The cost is $799 for a week session and $1549 for two weeks. 

  1. Skatelab (Florida) http://www.skatelab.com/

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/727049933568853298/

Skatelab was originally a skate park and skate museum, and it now provides skateboarding lessons focused on boarders who are just getting started. Their camp lasts four days towards the end of June and July. A typical day in this skating camp involves skating with a coach and then open riding until early evening. Overnight stays are not offered, however, so you will have to pick your child at each day’s end or make accommodation plans if you are not from the area. The camp’s cost is $200, and early booking is recommended, as spaces fill up fast. 

  1. Berkeley Skate Camp (Golden Bear, California) https://recsports.berkeley.edu/

Image Credit: https://recsports.berkeley.edu/youth-programs/camps-by-age-activity/skateboarding-camps/

The Berkeley Skate camp is open for advanced riders and beginners alike. The basics are focused on for those who have never previously stepped onto a board, but there’s also room for advanced riders as it allows them to ride more significant obstacles and to further improve on their skills. 

Skaters are to bring their own gear, and their equipment should be of top quality to ensure optimum safety standards. Investing in some elbow pads to bring along is a sound idea. This camp is a week-long program (on weekdays), but there are no lodging or overnight accommodations. Kids are dropped off at 9:30 am, and the day ends at 4 pm. The cost is $465 for the five day duration. 

  1. Ramp Camp at Rye Airfield (Rye, New Hampshire) https://www.ryeairfield.com/

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/586242076468759794/

Ramp Camp has the perfect blend of fun and instruction for kids. There’s ample time for games, to skate freely or hang out and watch videos. There are also one-on-one lessons at any time during the camping period, as instructors announce the start of the day with a call for new sign-ups. 

Campers here are not so much focused on learning new tricks and styles. Rather, the camp’s focus is on whether the campers’ skills are improving, and instructors always ensure that each camper has a fully immersive learning experience. They channel their focus on small technicalities in order to build a solid foundation. Conveniently, there are also clinics here that operate day and night. This camp focuses on skateboarding, but other park sports are included as well. Sessions are offered throughout the year.  

Amenities include a skate park, a plaza area, an indoor and outdoor park, and a ramp, among other awesome features. The skatepark was designed by Jack Murphy, who designed the Vans Skate Park among other famous skating venues. 

How To Get The Most Out Of The Experience

A somewhat obvious disclaimer: it’s fairly recommended that your child has at least some amateur experience before heading to skateboarding camp. Getting the feet wet is essential as a primer to understand the dynamics and basic styles, and it’s always best to have this added confidence as opposed to being completely green.

As well, ensure that you have proper skateboarding equipment beforehand. It’s essential to have the right gear to continue learning and improving, even long after the camp finishes. Knee-pads and helmets provide peace of mind, and it’s comforting to know that your kids are practicing while minimizing potential injury. 

Decide Which One Works Best For You!

There’s more to learn at skateboarding camps than merely improving your skills. Self-confidence, friendly rivalry and competition, meeting new friends and staying fit and active are obvious plusses, as well.  The above camps all offer similar experiences but with subtly different twists, and each of them offer amazing summer options for getting the kids out of the house and improving their skills and activity levels.

Perhaps there can be a misconception about skateboarding that it’s not as rewarding or challenging as other more organized and competitive sports, but when we examine the history in the above article, it’s easy to appreciate why this is such a well-loved pastime for so many youth.

Remember that this is just a small list of skateboarding camps in the USA. Research them a bit further and explore the best options together with your child. And who knows…it could be the best summer yet, full of skateboard style.