Best Drop Down Longboards

 A drop down longboard has a design that makes them appealing to beginners in particular as they provide increased stability and control, ideal for individuals working on the development of their skill.

The market offers a range of drop-down and drop through longboards, each following a similar concept, however, there are noticeable differences between both.

Best Drop Down Longboards

You may find it a little difficult to distinguish between both designs on occasions so we have done the hard work for you and reviewed our top five picks of the best longboards, featuring both drop-down and drop- through options.

We have also included a handy buyer’s guide below containing our top tips for selecting the best product. 

If you are in a hurry and don't have the time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below.

Top 5 Best Drop Down Longboards


If you are looking for a longboard that is going to allow for easy to commutes and downhill carving, look no further than the Atom Drop Deck Longboard.

41" by 9.5" in size, this longboard provides the rider with a large but sturdy surface with large wheel cutouts, providing 9.5 inches of leverage into each turn allowing for easy tight turns and the reduced likeliness of wheel bite. 

As an ultra low riding longboard, it is ideal for downhill carving and commuting courtesy of the maximum stability that it provides along with the ability to push it easily if you intend to commute through towns. 

This is a relatively heavy but high quality built longboard that is an ideal choice if you intend to use it for commuting and free riding.

Made with a laminate deck you are provided with great responsiveness and thanks to the reverse kingpin trucks you can enjoy a smooth and responsive ride with the stability to travel with ease.


  • Retailing at a relatively low price, this is a great choice for individuals who are on a budget.
  • Backed with a limited one-year manufacturer's warranty, you can be assured that there is help available should you experience issues with the quality of your longboard.
  • An ideal choice for freeriding and town commutes as it is easy to turn and maneuver. 
  • As it has a lower deck there is a lower center of gravity which makes it much easier to use and control. 
  • This longboard is an ideal choice for beginners and pro skaters alike.


  • The grip tape is prone to peeling after a short time of use. 


Adhering to the design of a classic drop model longboard, this MINORITY Downhill maple drop deck longboard entails a low gravity construction making it suitable for rides at any speed. 

Made using 8 ply hard rock maple, this is a durable and sturdy longboard that also features a 37-inch wheelbase along with a spacious 10-inch deck which provides plenty of room to be able to move freely if desired.

Working together, these features provide you with stability as you tackle any downhill terrain. 

The inclusion of 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks provides excellent maneuverability with the option to adjust them to around 50 or 45 degrees.

You are guaranteed to experience a smooth and enjoyable ride. This is further benefited by the ABEC 9 precision bearings which help you to reach faster speeds.

Courtesy of the shock absorbent deck, you can enjoy a lengthy and enjoyable ride. 


  • With multiple design options available, the brand caters to different tastes very well.
  • Built low to the ground you can easily paddle and maneuver this longboard.
  • This is an ideal choice for beginners who are hoping to familiarize themselves with the art of longboarding.
  • Durably designed, this longboard is likely to last for a while before deteriorating and the graphic design isn't likely to fade either.
  • This is great value for money for individuals looking to purchase an affordable longboard.


  • Unfortunately, the board is prone to bending after a few uses.


As a best seller with raving reviews, the Volador longboard differs from our previous picks as this is a drop-through longboard.

With a 42 inch drop through camber deck, you are provided with excellent flexibility and shock absorbency for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The 8 ply hard rock maple construction used in conjunction with epoxy glue, has a more environmentally friendly impact while creating a strong and sturdy longboard for you to enjoy.

The 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks provide greater maneuverability allowing you to move and direct the longboard with ease. 

Featuring an elaborate artistic design, this longboard provides a perfect outlet for enjoying your hobby whilst opting for a longboard that is artistically pleasing too.

With a durable graphic print, you can be assured that your longboard is going to see you through many rides without any deterioration to the quality. 


  • When you purchase this longboard you will also have access to 24/7 customer service so there is help available should you experience any issues.
  • The 34-inch wheelbase and a 9-inch wide deck with great shock absorbent qualities allow you to enjoy endless hours of fun on your longboard. 
  • With multiple different colors and design options available you can choose the design that caters to your taste and preference.
  • This longboard is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking to perfect and develop their skills.
  • The grip tape provides superior grip so your feet can remain in a secure position when you are standing on the longboard.


  • The design of the board is slightly weak which makes it prone to bending, and breaking in some cases, after a few uses.


If you are a beginner looking for your first drop through longboard, the Plashion freestyle drop through longboard is a great starting point.

The design features all of the qualities that are favored by beginners looking to enjoy their hobby while perfecting their skill. As a 39" by 9.1" bamboo longboard, it presents the flexibility that is needed for easy maneuverability. 

The incorporation of 70x51mm PU Wheels combined with ABEC-9 bearings creates the foundations for a smooth and enjoyable ride providing you with endless hours of fun on your longboard. 

Impressively, this longboard also features 7-inch aluminum trucks that have been partnered with soft bushings to provide you with a soft but comfortable ride. 

Courtesy of the design which positions the longboard close to the ground, this is an ideal choice for children and beginners alike as the drop through mounting technology provides the opportunity to practice and develop your skill before advancing onto a more intermediate or advanced setup.


  • Retailing at an affordable price, this longboard is excellent value for money. 
  • The range of design and color options create plenty of choice, ideal for catering to different tastes and preferences.
  • An ideal choice for beginners thanks to the lower ground design which allows you to focus on your skill and developing control of the longboard.
  • Durably designed this longboard is likely to see you through many uses before deteriorating in quality. 
  • The features are easily adjustable with great speed for excellent performance.


  • As a lightweight board, it can sometimes be a little difficult to gain your balance.


Designed with 42.9 inches and 9 plies of Canadian maple, this is a durable longboard that has been built with quality and performance as a priority.

Supported by an aluminum stent, along with an elastic PU support pad, this is a tough longboard that is going to remain strong and smooth too.

The waterproof grip provides anti slip qualities for added safety so you can be assured that you will remain in a safe and secure position even if you find yourself longboarding in adverse weather conditions.

The printed pattern is waterproof too which makes it durable and ensures that it isn't going to deteriorate in quality. 

Featuring ABEC 9 bearings, you can enjoy a smooth ride at high speeds courtesy of this tough designed and fast longboard. 


  • Excellent value for money retailing at an affordable price which makes it an ideal choice for skaters who are on a budget.
  • Courtesy of the waterproof qualities, you can still enjoy a ride on your longboard even in bad weather conditions as you can maintain a steady and secure grip.
  • The 8 layer pressure maple deck creates an exceptionally tough longboard that has a decent weight load too.
  • Impressively, this longboard can reach fast speeds.
  • The print options and design create an aesthetically pleasing longboard.


  • Unfortunately, the board is prone to warping and deteriorating in quality sooner than you would expect. 

Best Drop Down Longboards Buyer's Guide  

The market for longboards can be pretty expansive and narrowing it down to the best longboard can be a little challenging.

We have compiled a handy buyers guide with our top tips for selecting the best drop-down or drop-through longboards and we have highlighted each of these below.

Skill Level

Both drop-down and drop-through longboards are thought to be a great choice for skaters at a beginner level in particular.

This is because they are positioned closer to the ground so you can gain greater control over maneuvering your longboard whilst developing and perfecting your skill.

Once you have built your confidence with your skills you can advance onto a more intermediate or amateur style board. However, initially, a drop-down longboard allows you to work on your stability and balance. 

The Speed

Most longboards will be designed with speed in mind, some with faster capabilities than others.

If you are looking for a longboard that is going to reach faster speeds then it is recommended that you pay close attention to your longboard specifications and how it is likely to perform in regards to the speed. 

The intended use

As mentioned previously drop-down and drop-through longboards are an ideal choice for beginners, in particular, however, it is necessary to consider how you intend to use your longboard before making your purchase.

Some will be designed for downhill traveling, lengthy commutes, or traveling throughout towns. As they are much easier to maneuver the wear and tear of traveling through built-up towns without full control is eliminated when using a drop-down longboard. 

Drop-down vs Drop-through

We've already discussed the differences between the design of each of these longboards however it is necessary to pay close attention to what you are looking for in your longboard.

Due to their lower design, both can provide enhanced stability and security. 

A shared similarity between both boards is that both feature a lowered platform that brings them closer to the ground and closer to the wheels. Both feature large cutaways between the trucks which prevent any issues with the wheels biting. 

Most noticeably, the main difference can be seen in the way that the platforms are lowered and beginners may develop a preference for one style of longboard over another.

The size

The surface of the longboards can vary depending upon the longboard. Some will be larger than others and this indicates the space that you have available to move freely.

This also influences the weight as some will be heavier than others. While some individuals may find a lightweight longboard easier to transport, they can be a little difficult to gain a secure balance upon.

However, a heavier longboard is going to be more stable, although they are likely to be a little more difficult to carry around. 

The durability

If you are likely to be using your longboard frequently then it is important to select a longboard that has a good build quality as this will ensure that it is going to last for a considerable amount of time before deteriorating in quality.

This refers to the skateboard surface, the trucks, and the kingpins as the quality of each of these features combined hugely influences how well your longboard is going to perform. 

The design

The majority of longboards are designed with an aesthetic appeal in mind.

Many feature impressive patterns that are engraved onto your longboard for enhanced durability as this will ensure that they aren't going to fade, even when exposed to frequent use. 

Some brands will offer more variety in their designs than others, however, we are sure that you will find one that satisfies your preferences and tastes from our recommended list above. 

The Cost

Drop-down and drop-through longboards can retail at varying price points, some being significantly more expensive than others.

If you are browsing the market with a specific budget in mind there are multiple options available that can cater to this. Ultimately if you are looking to spend a little more on your longboard there are plenty of options to suit this too. 

It is necessary to ensure that you do not sacrifice the build quality when making your purchase. Some longboards are made with materials that are likely to deteriorate at a much faster rate than others.

For example, the inclusion of plastic into high impact areas of the longboard makes it more likely to deteriorate at a faster pace. It is important to remain within your set budget whilst ensuring that you aren't compromising the quality either. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Drop-Down Longboard?

A drop-down longboard is a common choice amongst beginners who are getting a feel for longboarding.

This is because they tend to offer the most stability and control with greater responsiveness from the trucks and wheels. 

A drop-down longboard is designed with a drop that runs from the plane across the top of the longboard trucks. This style of the longboard provides a great way of developing your technique before progressing onto a more intermediate or advanced longboard.

What Is The Difference Between a Drop-Down and a Drop-Through Longboard?

There are some noticeable differences between drop-down and drop-through longboards. On a drop-through deck longboard, the trucks are mounted across the deck through the cut holes.

This way the base plate of the truck sits just above the deck and hangar which are positioned below it. 

However, there are some differences in the designs of both longboards, the most prominent being that a drop-down deck longboard conforms to a dropped shape either known to drop through with holes for mounting the trucks or a top mount.

A drop-through longboard has trucks that are mounted through the deck. There are pros of each style of longboards, however, we would recommend choosing the best for your skill level. 

Is a Drop-Through Longboard Good For Beginners?

Courtesy of its flexibility, a drop-through longboard, just like a drop-down longboard is an excellent choice for beginners who are familiarising themselves with the concept of skateboarding.

A greater multitude of flexibility options effectively caters to different rider styles. Those made from bamboo and fiberglass are much more durable and forgiving which makes them ideal for beginners.

They are a great starting point before advancing to a more advanced and intermediate style of longboard.