Globe Blazer Review

Globe is a well-known brand that was founded in 1985 by three Australian brothers. They currently have headquarters based in Melbourne and have gained a reputation as one of the leading brands of skateboards, fashion, and footwear.

In fact, Globe is well-regarded for creating good quality boards retailing at a reasonable price point. They may be more affordable than their competitors, but they certainly don’t compromise on the quality. 

The Globe Blazer doesn’t simply refer to one skateboard itself but rather a small series of skateboards consisting of the Cruiser Globe Blazer, the Cruiser Globe Big Blazer, and the Cruiser Globe Big Blazer XL. 

Favored by many skateboards enthusiasts, there’s a lot of great features to pinpoint with the Globe Blazer series with each board catering to riders with different capabilities and preferences.

Top 3 Globe Blazer Review


First up we have the Cruiser Globe Blazer and you could say this board is the star of the show, commonly sought after by skateboarders who are seeking quality, convenience, and portability in their board. 

With a deck length of 26” and a deck width of 7.5”, this is a lightweight board suitable for riders up to 190ibs.

This is a great mini cruiser for those who often embark on shorter commutes and don’t want the hassle of trying to carry a larger board around with them. In fact, it’s that small that it can even fit inside your backpack when it’s not being used, for convenient portability. 

The deck itself is constructed out of 7 ply Maple Wood with a mellow concave and kicktail coated with epoxy resin.

There is no denying that this is a robust and durable board that has been designed with quality in mind. You can have confidence that this board can endure frequent use without any deterioration to the quality. 

Thanks to the kicktail and stiff flex, this is a great board for those who enjoy practicing their flip tricks and kick turns during their commute. 

This is a stylish board and when it comes to the appearance of the board and design, there's a variety to choose from, whether you want to be a little more out there with the face of Elmo on your board or slightly more subtle with a bamboo or almond option. There is a board available to suit a range of tastes. 

Constructed with 4.25" trucks, which are the perfect size for this board, and 62mm and 78a wheels, this board perfectly accommodates the needs of an urban skater.

The tough and resistant Tensor alloy standard trucks are guaranteed for life and cope well with smooth turns and hard tricks while the wheels have been designed with performance in mind. 

Courtesy of their high urethane construction they have excellent grip with good traction for cruising and turning, ultimately allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride.

The Cruiser Globe Blazer comes with ABEC 7 Bearings that spin faster requiring less effort and pushing on your behalf but a longer roll in return. Of course, you may opt to swap these for an alternative option in the future.

In summary, if you are looking for a smooth-riding portable board that is ideal for shorter commutes while still allowing you to perform your tricks along the way, the Cruiser Globe Blazer could be a great pick for you. 


Next in the series is the Cruiser Big Blazer, which provides a middle alternative for riders who have slightly bigger feet and may struggle with a smaller board. 

This board has a deck length of 32" and a deck width of 9.125" and just like the regular cruiser, the board has a mellow concave shape with a kicktail and is constructed from 7 ply Maplewood with an epoxy resin finish for enhanced durability and strength, while maintaining a lightweight feel that still makes this board easier for the user to carry.

Boards that are constructed from epoxy resin are also highly likely to last for a considerable time longer than boards constructed with water based decks. 

With 6.0 TKP slanted trucks, there is a reduced likeliness of wheel bite occurring and just like the regular board, the big blazer has 62mm wheels although they have a larger 83A durometer for ease when trying to push the board at a sideways angle.

Similarly to the regular blazer cruiser, the trucks used on this board are guaranteed for life and the ABEC 7 bearings create a faster spin requiring less effort on your behalf to reach longer distances. 

Another great board that is perfect for street use or cruising through town with a style and reactivity that makes it great for practicing and achieving tricks. This board even has a bottle opener built into the bottom of the deck. 

Now when it comes to the designs, there are a few to choose from, some bolder than others, so you are more than likely to find a board that caters to your preferences.

Along the board, there is grip tape which enables you to ride with confidence and improved balance with a secure grip on the board below you.

To summarise, the Cruiser Big Blazer is a great choice for larger sized riders who would struggle to ride smaller boards comfortably.

The wider and longer deck provides more space for you to gain a comfortable stance that gives you the ability to move your feet more freely.

In regards to the construction of the board itself, it shares many similarities to the regular board with differences to be noted between the size of the wheels used.


The final in the series is the Cruiser Globe Big Blazer XL and as the name suggests, this is the biggest board that the range offers.

Another great board for cruising or street riding with a greater surface volume that helps you to reach faster speeds while assisting you in your turns. 

With a larger deck measuring 36.25" and width measuring 9.75", this is another great board for bigger riders and those with larger feet.

Of course, due to its larger size, you don't have the perks of being able to put it into your backpack when it isn't in use, however, you do have more space on the deck to position your feet comfortably. 

In terms of the board's design and build quality, it is pretty similar to the Regular Blazer and the Big Blazer. The board adopts a mellow concave shape with a kicktail and a resin 8 hard rock maple construction.

Despite being the largest board on offer, it remains to be lightweight thanks to the resin which is used in the construction of all of Globe's boards. This is a stronger board that is going to last much longer than its competitors. 

This board also uses standard trucks that are again guaranteed for life and the bearings and wheels provide excellent performance qualities.

The bearings, being the same as those used on the previous boards, allow you to ride with speed with less pushing needed and the high urethane formula of the wheels provides excellent grip with greater speed and abrasion resistance for enhanced performance and an all-round smoother ride.


There's no denying that the Globe Blazer series offers an excellent range of boards. Each of these boards caters to the needs and styles of different riders.

If you are looking for a cruiser that is ideal for short commutes but can easily be stored away when not in use then the regular blazer is a perfect choice. 

For bigger riders who have larger feet and are likely to find a smaller board more restrictive on their ability to move their feet freely, the Big Blazer or Big Blazer XL are great options. 

Each shares the same strong and durable construction with an excellent build quality that is capable of impressive speeds and is perfect for cruising or for performing and practicing your tricks.

The inclusion of epoxy resin really makes these boards stand out from competitors as they are likely to last much longer. 

The only minor drawback that we pinpointed was where the deck is slightly flat, so some riders, particularly those who are less confident and unfamiliar with skateboarding, may find it a little difficult to steer and push the board.

However, it is likely that as your skill develops and you become more familiar with the board, this will become less of a significant issue. 

Whether you're a confident rider looking for an affordable board from a reputable brand that is known for producing excellent quality boards, or a beginner that is looking for a board that can aid them in developing their skill, the Globe Blazer Series has a board for you.

Each series of the Globe Blazer range offers an impressive array of board designs too so you are bound to find one that compliments your taste and aesthetic.