Dusters Longboard Review

Though Dusters’ have garnered international success, they’ve never forgotten their roots!

They’re a company built upon the golden haze of California, born from the same spirit that defined the ’70s, a time of skateboarding, surfing, and music.

Staying in line with their carefree spirit, Dusters California has meticulously built a team that understands, from start to finish, the functionality of both skateboards and longboards.

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry and plenty of experience in manufacturing, Dusters has taken the time to learn the importance of the fit and finishes of a longboard, which can be seen from analyzing the intricate details across each Duster deck, from the overall design, pattern, and quality. 

This means that Dusters’ longboards have a very unique look and feel compared to other brands.

Not only do they focus on creating functional boards that can be used for all types of riding (including cruising, to commuting, to free riding down a steep hill) Dusters California also places a huge emphasis on aesthetics, and you’ll notice that each longboard has a very polished and vibrant appearance. 

This eye for art can be seen from the way that Dusters love to collaborate with street, contemporary, and rising graffiti artists.

Each unique creation is eye-catching, colorful, and statement-making, with each design paying homage to the brand’s rebellious, free-spirit identity, all the while appealing to the modern-day longboarder. 

Besides the core functionality, meticulous fit and finishes, and the overall quality compared to other competing longboards, Dusters pride themselves on being a company that truly cares about their customers.

They offer fantastic customer service and are quick to respond to complaints, as well as offering a 30-day warranty that comes with most of their longboards.

If you’re on the lookout for a new longboard or you’re curious about the different models that Dusters California makes, you’re in luck.

In the rest of this article, we’ve hand-selected a lineup below that contains some of Dusters’ bestselling longboards and providing you with a mini-review of each to help you get a feel for the quality of Dusters longboards, and whether or not they’re what your skating arsenal is missing. 

Top 4 Dusters Longboard Review


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When it comes to everyday, casual use, the Dusters Vida Complete Longboard is an ideal choice. It’s an impressive looking symmetrical drop-through, featuring a 36’ long, 9.5’ wide and a 27’ wheelbase, which essentially means that you can expect to have a smooth and stable cruise!

Not only that, but this longboard features a particularly wide foot platform to accommodate all shoe sizes and sneakers, as well as a stable w-concave for secure foot fastening when you need to speed up.

With a drop-through mounting system, this seven-ply maple deck features striking mandala graphics spread across the top and bottom.

The w-concave is designed for extra speed and longevity, so you can get to where you need to go quicker with a little help from this board.

The big, soft wheels will deliver plenty of stability and shock absorption, especially thanks to the radical cutouts in the shape, which could cause a less-experienced longboarder to lose their balance.


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The Dusters Roam Longboard is a very roomy and features a symmetrical cutout shape 9.75 inches wide.

It has a larger 29-inch wheelbase, as well as drop-through trucks and a micro-dropped deck, which makes the Roam Longboard a great choice for control while low riding, achieving speed, as well as ensuring comfort for longer, hence why it is such a great choice for those looking for a longboard for commuting to and from work 

The Roam boasts a medium concave that cradles your feet, provides them with a secure ‘locked-in’ feel, especially when traveling down steep hills!

It also has virtually no kicks, which means that you can enjoy maximum control and confidence while riding at high speeds, across multiple terrains without fear of losing your balance or control of the longboard.

Not only that, but Dusters has also included large, 71mm soft wheels that will provide good suspension over road bumps, as well as absorbing any shock.

The RKP Slant trucks offer agile responsive while turning or carving, while Loyd Straton’s blue and yellow arrow artwork elevates the longboard with a striking edge. The trucks and wheels also have eye-catching colors.


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Displaying Dusters’ love of statement-designs, the Biome is a truly beautiful symmetrical drop-through longboard with larger than average kicks. In fact, the kicks amount to nearly half the length of the main standing platform!

The deck itself is 9.5 inches wide, which makes it super comfortable for the feet, especially riding downhill and cruising. When riding at a speed, the longer 26-inch wheelbase will ensure stability and a smooth cruise.

The custom art by Aaron Glasson is breathtaking, with a teal background on top and wood background on the bottom.

Both sides have delicate graphics etched across the top that capture vast mountains and tropical flowers in a flurry of colors. 

The combination of big soft 78A wheels and the stable yet responsive 180mm inverted Slant trucks makes for a very smooth and comfortable feel when carving or freeriding.

Thanks to its functionality, longboarders can use the Biome for all kinds of longboarding, although it is most suited to everyday use or for the daily commute.

However, if riders do decide to stop and walk, they should be careful to not knock any passersby with the extra long wheelbase shape.


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Dancing is a special style of longboarding, so it requires a unique kind of longboard! The Wanderlust fits the bill perfectly and is one of Duster’s most beautiful freestyle top mount longboards, as well as being one of the most popular, too.

Ideal for dancing, the Wanderlust Longboard features a large deck that is 47 inches long with a 32 inch wheelbase for extra stability.

To ensure that each dance move is performed effortlessly, the kicktail is a little bit larger than average, and is more upturned than the nose kick, which gives this longboard an extra dose of agility. 

In addition, the bamboo construction gives this deck a decent flex with just the right amount of wiggle for carving, all the while maintaining enough control to allow the rider to carry out cross-stepping and walking movements.

The deck has also a mellow concave for extra freedom of movement while also ensuring that the rider feels surefooted, so it’s a great longboarder for those that are just getting in dancing, as well as experts. 

An elegant colorway of white, blue, and red are patterned across the natural bamboo background, while the 180mm slant trucks and 71mm wide, soft wheels are great for carving, providing traction when board walking, as well as providing enough stability to perform freestyle tricks and moves.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dusters Longboard Pros

  • Affordable: they fall within the average price point of a longboard, so will appeal to most budgets.
  • Excellent value for money: they’re long-lasting, durable, and will be able to withstand plenty of heavy-duty, regular use before needing to be replaced.
  • Visually striking: each longboard features a unique and eye catching design, often created by an artist in collaboration with the brand.
  • Dusters California has over 25 years of experience manufacturing and creating both skateboards and longboards, and have acquired themselves a respected and solid reputation over that time frame. 
  • Dusters California has a good reputation and is generally a well-respected brand. They also have a very good customer service reputation, are quick to solve problems, and offer limited warranties. 
  • Dusters longboards are characterized by big, soft wheels that are able to absorb the brunt of any shock caused by blunt impacts, as well as being able to offer additional stability to make sure the rider feels confident and sure footed, regardless of skill-ability

Dusters Longboard Cons

  • Dusters are a brand focused on functionality, which is why their longboards are mainly designed for transportation purposes or enjoyment. If you’re a competitive longboard, these may not be the right kind for you. 

Final Thoughts

All in all? There’s no denying that Dusters California offers high-quality longboards and cruisers that will suit every riding style and level.

Whether you need a longboard to transport you from your house to the beach and back again, or want to ditch the bus and ride a longboard to work, you can be confident that Dusters has a model to suit your needs and then some. 

Besides offering plenty of versatility, it’s the unique artwork and vibrant colors emblazoned across the exterior of each Dusters longboard that takes center stage. 

Setting them apart from the rest of the skating community with a statement-making edge, the addition of a Duster deck in your skating collection will make sure that you stand out from the crown, wherever your longboard takes you!