Three Celebrities Who Love to Skate

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There is something inherently cool about skating, pulling tricks or just gliding down the road without a care in the world.

Skate culture, music and lifestyle is laid-back but exciting, creative and influential, and despite having its origins in the United States, it is popular around the world. It is not just about skate parks, pulling a Nollie or chilling in a park with friends either: CNN explains how Australian Tom Drury is trekking 4,000km along the coast on his skateboard. He revealed how during recent restrictions, he felt free and alive whilst out on his board, which helped drive his new adventure.

Life is beginning to return to normal and more people than ever before will be out enjoying their streets on boards. Whilst many of the faces out on boards will be anonymous, there is a growing trend amongst more famous names to ride the boards. There are plenty of famous celebrities who like to skate, which helps skating more known around the country and the world. So, we have selected three who love to get out on a board whenever they can.

Chris Hemsworth

Is known for his role as Thor in the Marvel franchise of movies, but a video released in 2019 also shows he is a dab hand on the board…. Or maybe not! He was shown trying to pull off a simple flip in his backyard, but with little success. He has also been known to skate with his family and takes every opportunity he can to get out and skate. His stock has risen dramatically thanks to his role as Thor, a character who has exploded across screens worldwide. As well as Hemsworth playing the character, the Norse God has also been seen in video games such as Marvel’s Avengers as a playable character. Indeed, even on mobile applications, Thor is widely prominent, with a Thor-themed title on Gala Bingo called Power of Thor Mega Ways, offering fans a different spin on the hammer-wielding hero. With Thor also playable on other mobile games, such as Thor: The Dark World, both the character and Hemsworth look set to remain key figures in pop culture. As yet, we haven’t seen a mobile title that combines Thor’s hammer and a skateboard, but who knows what we might see in the future?

Liam Hemsworth

Who would have thought, the Australian brothers exported to Hollywood both like to skate whenever they can! Liam is well-known not only for his role in The Hunger Games but also for his relationship with pop singer Miley Cyrus. Both he and Cyrus were often seen around Beverly Hills, boards on the pavement, just cruising along before their 2020 divorce. It is unknown if he can pull off the trick his brother struggled with, or whether there is any sibling rivalry between the two. Liam began his career in the soap opera Neighbors, as so many young Aussie actors and actresses do, although it is a little know fact he first appeared in a single episode of Home and Away. Liam is seven years younger than Chris, but do not expect to see them skating together anytime soon, as Gossip Cop suggests there may be a rift between the two.

Pharrell Williams

For many, skating conjures images of a certain type of music, the pop-punk guitars of Blink 182 or catchy hooks of OPM and their classic ‘Heaven is a Half Pipe’. However, across the world of music, you can find skaters, including the rap scene. Lil Wayne is a well-known skater, as is Happy singer Pharrell Williams. The 2013 Grammy Winner is so passionate about his hobby, he even has a nickname ‘Skateboard P’ and once claimed his first passion was skateboarding. His brother Cato is a pro-am skater and he even co-sponsors a team himself. Pharrell might be best known for his song Happy, but his music has featured across a range of media, including video games such as True Crimes: Streets of LA. He has featured on games such as Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 too, but sadly not any of the Tony Hawk’s franchise!