Best Electric Skateboards

Whether you are a professional skateboarder or looking to start a hobby, an electric skateboard is a brilliant purchase for improving skills and having fun.

They can be used as a cost effective option to driving, a challenge to improve a skill or hobby, a land replica to snowboarding or surfing, or just for the fun of it all! 

Fortunately, there are an abundance of different electric skateboards with different purposes on the market.

Whether you are looking for a way to commute to school or work, or whether you want to try a modern version of a manual skateboard - there will be an e-board for you.

The best part? They don’t even have to be that expensive to be good! 

Best Electric Skateboards

We understand the importance of finding a good quality e-board that is durable and will last a long time, which is why we have found the 10 best electric skateboards on the market to make your search a little easier.

We have also compiled a useful buyer’s guide and FAQ section for any unanswered questions. 

In a rush? Our top pick is the Skatebolt Tornado II Electric Skateboard. Made of a durable and sturdy maple on the deck matched with wide and smooth wheels, this e-board can cruise up to 24 miles at a maximum speed of 26 mph.

It can also ride up a 25% steep hill incline. This model comes with a wireless remote controller with an LCD screen display to show the battery, speed, and brake mode.

If you’re looking for an e-board that ticks all of the boxes, this is the one for you. 

Top 10 Best Electric Skateboards


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The Skatebolt Tornado II Electric Skateboard is a perfect purchase for those looking for a high quality and long lasting e-board.

The 38” deck is made of 8 layers of northeast American maple, which is as durable as it is environmentally friendly as the materials are predominantly nationally local.

This sturdy material can hold up to 280 lbs. 

The power and battery of this board is as durable as the material.

With a 7500 mAh battery and a dual 500W hub motor, this electric skateboard can cruise up to 24 miles in medium mode (the faster you go, the lower this number will become). 

It has a maximum speed of 26 mph and can cruise up a 25% steep incline. The wheels themselves are tall and wide for an easy ride, measuring at 90mm in height.  

This board is controlled by a remote control fitted with an LCD screen display.

This display presents the user with the battery, brake mode, and speed modes for an easy control.

Great for focussing on your balance! In terms of safety, this board comes with 2 red warning tail lights for night time riding to warn vehicles.

These are subtle enough to not get in the way of the user, but bright enough for vehicles and people to see in the dark. 


  • Ticks all of the boxes
  • Powerful and long lasting
  • Durable deck material
  • Remote control with LCD screen
  • Tail lights for safety


  • Break can be abrupt, but it is easy to get used to with practice 


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Another Skatebolt product, this is the ideal e-board for those wanting an electric longboard.

The main difference between a regular skateboard and a longboard is, you guessed it, the length. 

Longboards also provide more flexibility for maneuverability and tricks, which is why it is made out of a bendable bamboo with 2 layers of glass fiber - making it as durable as it is flexible.

The exterior is also water resistant for those who live in wet environments. This is why the price is slightly higher than regular electric skateboards, because the material is more expensive. 

In terms of power, this e-board is equipped with a 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery and dual 350W motors.

It is as strong as it is fast, with four speed modes ranging from 7.5 to 28 mph and lasting up to 15 miles on full battery.

These speed modes are matched with 4 brake settings ranging from soft to strong - meaning you don’t have to adjust to an abrupt and sudden brake if you aren’t ready to. It can also climb hill gradients of up to 30%.

If the brake modes weren’t enough for safety, this board is equipped with 2 tail lights that flash whilst braking to warn vehicles and other people in the dark. 

This electric longboard also comes with a tool kit, spare PU wheels, a charger, and a manual. 


  • Remote control included
  • Electric longboard for cruising, long journeys and carving
  • High quality bamboo and glass fiber deck
  • Powerful battery 
  • Brake and speed modes


  • Expensive option 


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The Wookrays e-board is most ideal for ages 8 and up. Made of 7 layers of maple wood, the deck is durable and has a better flex than 8 layer maple decks.

Though this flex is a bonus, this does mean that the maximum load is only 80kg - so this electric skateboard is best suited for children and teenagers. Perfect for a birthday or Christmas present for a beginner skateboarder! 

This e-board is easy to control with its 2.4Ghz remote control, which controls the brake, acceleration, and the forward and backward movements.

This wireless control distance can reach up to 14m for those who like to practice without a controller - which could provide some interesting entertainment from a family member or sibling who is controlling the board.

This controller also indicates the battery levels. 

The Wookrays electric skateboard has a 350W motor, a 29.4V 2000mAh lithium battery, and has a maximum range of up to 5 miles.

Whilst it is not the most long lasting board, this is perfect for kids who just want to practice skateboarding (and it means they can’t go too far!).

It comes with 3 speed modes ranging from 6.2mph to 12.4mph. With durable PU wheels and a kicktail, this is a great board for young beginners who want to cruise and glide around their neighbourhoods. 


  • Best suited for kids and teenagers 
  • Easy remote controller
  • 14m wireless distance for remote controller 
  • 3 speed modes depending on skill level 
  • Visually pleasing with graphic design


  • Whilst it is best for kids and beginners, this is not ideal for those over 80kg or advanced riders


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This electric longboard is essentially a more budget-friendly version of the Skatebolt longboard.

Made of 7 layers of maple wood, this board provides enough bendability and durability for a sturdy ride - though if you are looking for a longboard for dancing or tricks, a bamboo deck is better suited for flexibility. 

This is what makes it an ideal longboard for beginners, as it is only 35.4” in length and therefore not too intimidating to control. 

This longboard is equipped with a 350W dual hub motor that can go up to 18.5mph and 13 miles on one full charge.

This is a great high performance option for those who like to cruise and skate for longer periods of time. It can also climb inclines of up to 20%. 

This electric skateboard is all about providing a smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of skill level.

It comes with 4 ride modes that are controlled by a wireless remote control that is ergonomic and easy to hold and use.

These 4 ride modes are matched with 4 brake modes, so you can increase the speed and the power of the brakes depending on skill level. 

This e-board comes with a USB cable, a charging adaptor, a manual, a tool kit, and a remote control. 


  • Ideal longboard for beginners and novices, or those who don’t want a longboard for tricks 
  • Powerful motor 
  • 4 speed and 4 brake modes
  • 13 miles on full charge 
  • Ergonomic remote control


  • Maple wood deck material is not as flexible as bamboo, but it is more affordable


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For beginners and novices looking for an affordable and all-rounder electric skateboard, this is the board for you.

Whilst it can only ride up to 1 hour on full charge, this makes it perfect for those who just want to practice and cruise around - ideal for those who want an affordable way to commute to work or school.

With a 3-hour full charge, however, it can ride up to 9 miles. 

This electric skateboard is equipped with a 4000mAh lithium-ion battery pack and a 24GHZ wireless remote control for an easy ride.

This remote control comes with 3 speed modes, reverse, and braking for a simple ride - which is what makes it so ideal for beginners who might take time to get used to high speeds.

With a 350W hub motor, this simple board packs a punch in power. 

The deck is made of a 7 layer maple wood, which provides durability and enough flexibility for rough surfaces and textures.

This 29” maple deck can hold up to 187lbs, making it ideal for kids, teenagers, and adults alike.

What’s more, this electric skateboard comes with a regenerative braking system that maintains and restores the energy when going downhill or when braking to preserve the battery life - which is an ideal bonus as the battery life itself isn’t the longest. 


  • Ideal for beginners, cruisers, and commuters
  • Durable maple deck
  • 3 speed modes for range of skill levels
  • Wireless remote control
  • Maximum capacity of 187lbs - ideal for kids and adults


  • Not the longest battery life


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The Blitzart Electric Longboard is another affordable and high quality longboard on our list.

This board stands out as the deck is made of a 7 layer maple wood and 2 layer bamboo mixture - making it highly durable and flexible.

Matched with premium grip tape, this longboard is made of the highest quality. This deck has a concave to support the rider’s feet for safety and balance, and can hold up to 250lbs.

The deck is matched with 90mm tall urethane wheels that glide smoothly over rough terrains and surfaces such as cracks in concrete - ideal for cruising and commuting on a board that offers traction. 

This electric longboard is equipped with a 350W hub motor and 36V, 4.0Ah and 144Wh Lithium-ion battery.

It only takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery. This hub motor is reliable, quiet, and less high maintenance compared to a belt drive motor. 

This skateboard comes with a wireless remote control that is equipped with 2 speed modes and controls the acceleration, reverse, and deceleration.

The maximum speed reaches 17 mph, which may not seem that impressive, but is perfect for beginners and those who want a smooth cruising experience.

This electric skateboard is the ideal option for beginners who are looking to practice and enhance their skills. 


  • Maple wood and bamboo deck for durability and flexibility
  • Quick battery charge
  • Ideal longboard for beginners, cruisers, and commuters
  • High quality wheels for smooth ride
  • Maximum capacity of 250lbs


  • Not the longest battery life
  • No tail lights for night riding


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The Hiboy S11 electric skateboard is designed for those who just want to have fun.

It is ideal for kids and teenagers who want to skate to school, or even fun-loving adults who want an interesting way to commute to work! 

This board is made of a maple wood deck, and only weighs 7.94 lbs. 

This e-board is equipped with a 350W hub motor and a 25.2V 2.2Ah battery, which can last up to 6.2 miles on one full charge.

This is great for commuters who may also want time to skate around the neighborhood before they get back home from school or work!

The maximum speed is between 12.4mph and 13mph, which is ideal for beginners and commuters who intend to skate on roads. 

The Hiboy S11 electric skateboard comes with a wireless remote control that comes with all of the necessary functions, including 4 speed modes, 4 brake modes, reverse, acceleration, a low battery indicator, and more.

The 4 speed modes and 4 brake modes are really beneficial for a range of skill levels, as the rider can control the speed of the skateboard easily.

Perfect for skating home on the side of a road from school, as the rider has full control of the brakes in rush hour traffic. 


  • Lightweight and durable deck
  • Ideal for commuters and beginners
  • Perfect Christmas or birthday present
  • 4 speed modes and 4 brake modes for range of skill levels
  • Can hold over 150lbs


  • Not suitable for advanced or expert riders


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Another electric longboard option, the Teamgee e-board boasts an ultra thin 37” deck. The deck is 0.59'' thick, but is deceptively strong as it is made of 10 layers of maple wood with 1 ply of fiberglass.

Whilst the maple wood does not provide as much flex as bamboo for longboard dancing and tricks, the maple wood and fiberglass mix is incredibly durable. This material means the longboard can hold up to 220lbs. 

This electric longboard boasts two 380W motors that have a maximum speed of 22mph, and can ride for between 9 and 11 miles on one full charge.

The fact this has two motors is a bonus, as you will only need to replace the wheels instead of a whole motor in the case of serious wear and tear.

This is perfect for those who intend to use their longboard for long journeys. It can even ride up a 20% incline effortlessly, and only takes 2 hours to fully charge! 

This e-board is equipped with a wireless remote control that features an LCD screen, allowing the rider to see the battery life and to control the speed and direction of the board.

There are 4 speed modes and 4 brake modes to suit a range of skill levels. 


  • Ideal electric longboard for long distance riders 
  • 2 x 380W motors for extra power and a backup
  • 10 layers maple wood and 1 ply fiberglass material
  • 2 hours full charging time
  • Durable, comfortable, and fast


  • No tail lights, but there is a flashlight on the remote


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The OppsDecor e-board is the ideal budget-friendly gift to a child, sibling, or friend who wants to kickstart their skateboarding lifestyle!

Made of 7 layer maple wood, the deck is lightweight yet can withstand weights of up to 132lbs - perfect for ages 8 and older.

As the deck material is not as heavy duty as 8 or 10 layer decks, this is an ideal material for cruising and commuting to school or work. It is 27.5” long, which is a good length for a regular e-board. 

This electric skateboard is equipped with a 350W motor and 29.4V 2200mAh lithium battery that only requires 2 hours to fully charge.

This battery can last up to 10 miles, and the board can reach the maximum speed of 12 mph.

There are two speed modes on the wireless remote - beginner and advanced - which makes it versatile regardless of skill level.

This remote also indicates the battery level, braking and cruise control. The 7cm urethane wheels are shock-absorbing to provide a stable and smooth ride regardless of the surface texture. 

Whilst this board may not be suitable for experienced riders who may want to receive more from an e-board, this is an ideal board for beginners and advanced riders who just want to cruise and commute around. 


  • Ideal for beginners and cruisers
  • Lightweight yet durable 
  • 2 hours charging time
  • Up to 10 miles on one full charge
  • 2 speed modes depending on skill level


  • Not ideal for experienced riders 


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The final product on our list is the Tooluck 27.5” Electric Skateboard.

This e-board is most ideal for cruising, commuting, and going into town to run errands, as the maximum driving range is between 6 to 8 miles on full charge.

The deck is made of a 7 layer maple wood matched with a waterproof and non-slip grip surface, which can hold up to 220lbs. Ideal for kids and adults alike! 

This electric skateboard is equipped with a 29.4V 2000 mAh lithium battery and a 350W motor.

It can reach up to 12mph and only takes 2 hours to fully charge, and can climb hill inclines of up to 20%. This skateboard also comes with 2 frog eye lamps for nighttime riding. 

What’s more, this e-board doesn’t require a fully charged battery to work, as it can be used as a regular manual skateboard without electricity!

This makes it a perfect start skateboard for beginners who want the benefits of perfecting balance with the electric, as well as practicing speed and control manually. 


  • Ideal board for beginners, cruisers, and commuters
  • Tail lights included for nighttime riding
  • Can operate manually without electricity
  • Durable and strong deck material
  • Suitable for adults and kids


  • Will not operate in the same way as more expensive boards

Best Electric Skateboards Buying Guide

What to use an electric skateboard for

Electric skateboards are a versatile option for those who want to start their skateboarding hobby as well as those who wish to enhance their skateboarding skills.

As they do not require manual kicking as with regular skateboards, e-boards are designed for a smooth ride for the rider to practice their balancing skills using different speeds.

There are two main categories of why and how to use an electric skateboard, including cruising/commuting and replicating surfing and snowboarding. 

Cruising and commuting

Electric skateboards are the ultimate eco-friendly and efficient method of transportation for commuting.

Unlike a regular skateboard, the rider doesn’t have to worry about getting sweaty and tired from manually kicking and riding a board to work or school, because the motor does most of the work already. 

It’s much less expensive and more environmentally friendly than taking a car to work or school, and takes up minimal space as it does not require a parking space!

Simply carry it into your work or school and keep it under your desk or in your locker. If you take a bus to work, you can skate to the bus stop to never miss a bus again. 

This goes without saying, but electric skateboards are effortlessly cool. Not only are they efficient and practical in running errands and getting to places, but they are a fun and exciting method of transportation.

It’s the lazy equivalent of riding a bike or scooter, and kind of like taking an escalator to your desired location. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

You could easily be the coolest kid on the block or the coolest parent as you cruise around the neighborhood or town. Why not take your dog for a run on your skateboard? Lots of fun for the dog and minimal exercise for the owner! 

Whilst an electric skateboard does not offer as much exercise and movement as a regular skateboard, it’s still an excellent way to have an adrenaline rush.

The best part? You can use it absolutely anywhere - from your neighborhood street to a beach boardwalk in a European country. What a great way to explore new places! 

Snowboarding/surfing replicate

Electric skateboards are also commonly used by those who want to enhance their snowboarding and surfing skills on land.

A lot of the techniques and movements in snowboarding and surfing can be easily mimicked on an electric skateboard, from balance to maneuverability.

Electric longboards are the best for this, as they provide the most amount of space to replicate a surfboard or snowboard. Longboards were created in 1950s Hawaii, when the surfers could not surf in harsh or flat sea conditions.

Wanting to continue their hobby and sport, they used longboards to replicate the movements and skills of surfing on the land when the conditions were bad. 

What to look for in an electric skateboard 

As we have researched and shown in our recommended products, there are a variety of electric skateboards available on the market - all of which benefit different intentions and skill levels.

It is, therefore, important for a potential buyer to understand what their intentions are when looking for a board. 

Are you looking for a method of transportation? Do you want to enhance your surfing skills out of the water? Are you a budding skateboarder who wants to improve their balance?

Whatever your intentions, these are the key features and factors to consider when looking to buy an electric skateboard. 

Electric Skateboard or longboard? 

Before we look into specific features of an e-board, let’s look at the two main forms of boards: an electric skateboard and an electric longboard. 

Electric skateboards are the electric version of a regular skateboard (believe it or not).

This means that the board usually sizes between 28 and 33 inches in length, and often comes with a kicktail for tricks.

This size means that they can be used for normal cruising or for cool skateboard tricks, and also makes it the most portable for commuting. 

Electric longboards are essentially a longer and larger version of an electric skateboard. They exceed 33 inches and can reach 59 inches in length.

They are the most popular choice of electric longboard for surfers and snowboarders as the length mimics their boards the most.

These boards are also popular for cruising and even longboard dancing, as they provide more flexibility than a regular skateboard due to the material of the deck. 

Deck material 

Usually distinguishable by electric skateboards and longboards, there are two main types of deck material - maple wood and bamboo. 

Maple wood is usually in a 7 to 10 layer form and is the most sturdy material. For an electric skateboard, maple wood is the best material to look for.

Maple wood skateboard decks are also the most affordable option, though they aren’t always the most eco-friendly as maple trees take between 30-40 years to mature.

After this, they cannot regrow as easily as bamboo, and therefore some maple skateboards are contributors to deforestation.

However, some manufacturers deliberately grow American or Canadian maple trees in controlled areas that do not negatively impact the environment.

If the maple is stated to be sourced in North America, this is better than buying a skateboard manufactured from another country. 

Bamboo is best suited for electric longboards as it provides the most flexibility. Don’t be fooled, as bamboo is deceivingly strong and durable - especially if it is mixed with fiberglass.

This flexibility and bouncier material is most effective in longboards as it allows for more maneuverability.

This makes it more beneficial for longboard dancers, people who enjoy cruising on twisting roads, and those who want to replicate surfing or snowboarding.

Bamboo boards also offer a better concave for the feet to reside on, which helps with balance and grip.

Bamboo is also more eco-friendly as it only takes 5 years for a single shoot to mature, and then it regrows again after being harvested. However, bamboo is the more expensive option.

If you can find a skateboard or longboard that offers a mixture of maple and bamboo, it will be more expensive but of the highest quality. This deck will offer durability, sturdiness, and strength as well as flexibility. 


As you can see from our recommended products, the majority of electric skateboards are equipped with a lithium ion battery.

This is because lithium ion batteries are much lighter than lead acid batteries, and depending on the product, can last anywhere between 500-1000 cycles. 

It’s important to look for a long lasting battery to make the most out of your product. Lead acid batteries, on the other hand, are much bulkier, cheaper, and don’t last nearly as long. 

The quality of the battery is essential to understand, so let’s delve into battery specifications.

A battery will determine how many miles an electric skateboard can ride for on one charge, and is indicated by the Ampere-hour figure (referred to as Ah or mAh). 

The larger the figure, the further it can run for. For example, a 10mAh battery can run for around 18 miles depending on the quality of the skateboard. 

The voltage figure (V) is also important to look at. This figure refers to the amount of torque - the moment of force - a skateboard has to offer. 

Remember to not overcharge your batteries! Overcharging can essentially burn off the energy cells which will limit its service life.

Always follow the manufacturer’s charging timescales - some electric skateboards only require 2-3 hours to fully charge. 


There are two main forms of motor - hub and belt drive. 

Hub motors work along with the wheels, so when the motor is one, the wheels are turning. These motors are virtually silent and non-intrusive to an electric skateboard, and allow the user to manually use the skateboard normally should the battery run out.

As they reside inside of the wheels, there are little to no maintenance requirements and they can withstand wet weather. Hub motors are generally the most popular form of motor in electric skateboards. 

Belt drive motors are better for hilly terrains, as they work similar to a bicycle in that it uses a belt to move the wheel.

These motors do offer more torque, but they do require more moving parts that will need replacements and tweaking.

This is why they aren’t the preferred motor for electric skateboards for children and teenagers, as they are more of a hassle to work with. 

Also, as the components of this motor are visible and outside of the skateboard, they are virtually non-waterproof and exposed to all of the elements. 

In terms of the power, measured in Watts, we recommend looking at electric skateboards with a Watts measurement between 250W or 350W. 


There are two main materials of wheels for an electric skateboard - Pneumatic and Urethane. 

Urethane wheels have been the most popular wheel material since the 70s as they have a hard core and a soft tire.

The hard core keeps the wheels in place, and the soft tire provides traction and stability to uneven surfaces - providing an effortlessly smooth ride.

As skateboarding can be potentially dangerous depending on the texture of the surface, the stability and smoothness of the wheels is imperative.

These wheels are smoother and provide less traction than Pneumatic wheels, however they do work faster on a smooth surface such as a road. 

Pneumatic wheels, on the other hand, are full of air and essentially a smaller version of bicycle tires. The texture of these wheels provides more traction and grip to uneven surfaces that Urethane wheels.

However, they do require pumping and are more prone to puncturing. They also do not offer as smooth a ride as Urethane wheels on a flat road - making them more suitable for off-road riders. 


The braking system is most important for safety reasons. The most common form of braking system in electric skateboards is regenerative braking as it allows for longer riding sessions.

This system works hand-in-hand with the battery, as it does not generate unnecessary energy from the battery. 

Electric skateboards that offer multiple braking modes on the wireless remote control are really beneficial for beginners.

These modes offer a range of braking from relaxed to emergency braking, allowing any skill level to be used. 

Speed modes

As with multiple braking modes, the more speed modes, the better! The maximum speed of an electric skateboard depends on the battery, motor, and the weight of the rider.

Generally speaking, most e-boards can reach a maximum speed of between 10-15mph. If you want a faster board, longboards generally offer more speed - especially if they come with a dual battery or dual motor system. 

Hill climbing 

For skaters who aren’t looking to ride inclines, the hill climbing features don’t apply to them.

For those who know that their commute includes a slight hill, it is important to consider how much of an incline your electric skateboard can handle.

Fortunately, the majority of e-boards can ride up a 20-25% incline. 

Manufacturer features 

Refund policy

You could do all of the research in the world, and still end up with an electric skateboard that doesn’t work for you - whether it’s the size, the motor, or it doesn’t match your skill level.

It is always important to look at the manufacturer’s refund policy in case you wish to return your item. 


Electric skateboards can be expensive. The cheapest boards range from anywhere between $120-$500, and the more expensive boards can be anywhere from $700 and above.

As this is a large purchase, it is important to consider the manufacturer’s warranty for any broken spare parts.

Generally speaking, the most expensive and high quality boards don’t require replacements for a long time, and therefore the warranty is almost never needed.

Regardless, it’s always worth considering the warranty deal to prevent having to pay more money for replacements in the future. 


Whilst you can get lucky to find affordable electric skateboards, these cool boards can be quite costly. They can range anywhere between $150 to a couple thousand dollars.

As they are such an expensive purchase, it’s important to look for the best quality e-board for your intentions.

If you’re looking for an e-board to give to your child on their birthday, and you know they may only use it for a certain amount of time, it might not be worth buying an expensive e-board.

If you’re looking to practice your surfing or skateboarding skills and you require a high quality board to match your needs, then you will need to splash the cash. 

The price of the board will vary depending on a range of factors including deck material, wheel material, the quality of the battery and motor, and the legitimacy of the company.

Whilst cheaper options may seem more friendly to your bank account, keep in mind that cheaper electric skateboards may require more replacements due to cheaper materials.

If you’re looking for something durable and long lasting, it may be more beneficial to spend more in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can an electric skateboard go uphill? 

This depends on the type of electric skateboard you go for, but generally speaking the majority of e-boards are designed to ride up a hill incline of between 20-25%.

They can’t exactly climb a mountain, but they can make your commute to work a bit easier if there’s a slight hill!

How long does an electric skateboard battery last?

This also depends on the electric skateboard, as some boards will offer different types of battery. The best battery we can recommend is a Lithium-ion battery, as they are lightweight and long lasting.

On average, lithium-ion batteries can last anywhere from 500 to 1000 cycles. They also only take around 2-3 hours to fully charge. 

The distance an electric skateboard can travel on full charge depends on the Ampere-hour figure (Ah or mAh). The larger the figure, the further it can go on a single charge. 

How expensive are electric skateboards? 

Again, this depends on the type of skateboard you are looking for. An abundance of factors can affect the price of a board, from the material of the deck and wheels to the strength of the motor and battery.

Electric skateboards can range from $200 to several thousand dollars, with the more expensive options offering more durability and a longer service life.

Of course, it also depends on the manufacturer’s warranty guarantee and whether the board will be prone to breakage and replacements, as this will build up to be costly in the long run.

However, you don’t necessarily have to splash the cash on an $1000 board if you cannot afford it.

Some affordable boards are designed to last a long time and can be used by a variety of people regardless of age, weight, or skill level. 

How old do you have to be to ride an electric skateboard?

Anyone can ride an electric skateboard! Whether you want to be the cool kid on the block or if you want to add some adrenaline to your work commute, anyone of any age can ride an e-board.

However, make sure to look at the maximum weight capacity in your research, as some boards can only hold so much weight.

Is an electric skateboard good for beginners? 

Absolutely! Electric skateboards are perfect for any skill level. These boards work to improve balance and maneuverability and how to utilize speed and braking systems.

Most boards offer multiple speed and brake modes to suit a variety of skill levels, so each user can adjust to it accordingly.

Also, once the battery runs out on an electric skateboard (provided it has a hub motor system), the boards can be used like a normal skateboard without the electricity - it’s the best of both worlds!

Electric longboards may be more complicated for beginners as they are much longer and wider than a regular electric skateboard.

Longboards are generally used by advanced and experienced skateboarders, longboard dancers, and those who want to replicate surfing or snowboarding.