Unforunatly Skate Camp is now closed, however we have left the location section live below as a memorial to the amazing time 100's of children had here.

Skate Camp is located 63 miles north east of Visalia California on Sequoia Lake. A few miles from Sequoia and Kings National Parks and just 2.2 miles from the Giant Sequoia groves, Sequoia Lake provides an ideal environment for the Skate Camp program. Our business office is located at the Visalia YMCA in Visalia California. This office is in operation year round.

Camp Facility
Sequoia Lake is a YMCA-owned and operated property. Skate Camp is held in Camp Millwood, one of five YMCA camps located around the lake. Camp Millwood is a traditional, rustic summer camp facility. Camper cabins are rustic and house 4 sets of bunk beds. Restroom, shower and dinning facilities are separate from the cabins and are centrally located.

Program areas include:

  • A large multipurpose room called the Rec. Hall
  • A camp store called the Cabaña
  • A waterfront area complete with boat and swim docks
  • 14 camper cabins
  • 2 centrally located shower and restroom facilities
  • Several staff cabins
  • A Dinning Hall
  • A wilderness area dedicated to Elemental Awareness and Archery.


Parents are welcome to deliver and pick up their child at camp or use our shuttle service one way or round trip from Fresno. A charter bus or YMCA van picks up and delivers from the Fresno Airport, Greyhound and Amtrak terminals for campers traveling by air, bus or train. Shuttle service from the Fresno Airport is also available for parents who wish to drop off or pick up their camper in Fresno. The fee for shuttle service is $35 each way.