Frequently Asked Questions

Unforunatly Skate Camp is now closed, however we have left the FAQ section live below as a memorial to the amazing time 100's of children had here.

Mailing – 320 N. Akers St., Visalia, CA, 93291Phone – 559-624-1110email – 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does camp cost? What does the price include?
A: Summer sessions at skate camp are $800. The price includes food, lodging, instruction, safety, and the most excellent activities. This does not include money for the shop, we recommend campers start with $50 to $100 per session. We also offer a reduced internship price of $1,200. That means two weeks of camp for a little more than the price of one. For more info, check out our internships.

Q: How do I sign my child up for camp?
A: By signing up online. Click here to get started

Q: How do I put money in the store?
A: Upon completing the registration process, the money will be added to their shop account. It can be withdrawed from the card that is placed on registration file, or via a check. If more money is to be added, contact our friendly office staff via phone (559) 624 – 1110 or e-mail and they can update the amount.

Q: What is sold in the store?
A: Quite a few items are available in the shop. Ranging from skate equipment to clothing to snacks. Campers have the opportunity to manage their money as well as get the things they need to stay active!

Q. Where do campers stay?
A: There are thirteen cabins throughout skate camp. Each cabin hosts up to seven campers and one counselor. Campers may request bunk mates, we shall do our best to accommodate.

Q: How old do you have to be, to attend skate camp?
A: The age range for campers is eight years old to seventeen.

Q: Can anyone attend skate camp?
A: Within the age range of eight and seventeen, anyone and everyone is welcome. Regardless of race, religion, sex, or national origin.

Q: What if my camper has never skateboarded before?
A: We will help establish a solid foundation to continue skateboarding. Our trained instructors are available all day for guidance and support. Furthermore, the positive vibe throughout all camp participants allows for improvement in all skill levels.

Q: I would love to send my child to camp, but I live out of state.
A: Just because you live out of state does not mean that your child can not come to camp! In fact, many of our campers do not live in California. We even have campers attend camp that live in other countries. We have campers attend camp from England, Thailand, Japan, Australia and France…the list goes on. The closest airport is the Fresno Yosemite International Airport. We offer a shuttle service to and from camp to the airport. Skate Camp staff will be awaiting for your child inside near the starbucks. There is an additional fee of $90 for the shuttle service.

Q: I live in California, but cannot get time off from work to drive my child to camp.
A: We offer a few options to get your child safe to and from camp. We offer a shuttle service from Fresno. We have pick up points at the  Fresno Amtrak and also at the Fresno Greyhound station. There is an additional fee of $90 for the shuttle service.

Q: How old must my child be to ride the Amtrak?
A: Atleast 13. Anything below is considered a minor. In order to book a ticket for campers under 13 years old 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245). For more information on booking Amtrak tickets for your camper, click here.

Q: What time should we arrive for our first day of camp?
A: Opening day is Sunday for each of our summer sessions. We ask parents to arrive between 1 pm and 4 pm (P.S.T.). Camp ends the following Friday, check out time is 10 am.

Q: What time should we arrive to pick up our child from camp?
A: Closing day is Friday for each of our summer sessions. We ask parents to arrive between 9:30 am and noon.

Q: What should my child bring to camp?
A: Sleeping bag, pillow, swimsuit, two towels, lake launch shoes, plenty of socks and underwear, a few pairs of pants, a few t-shirts, a work jacket (it can get chilly at night), medication, a water bottle, a wrist watch, pads, and of course their skateboard!

Q: Do they have to wear pads?
A: Yes, helmets are required and knee/elbow pads are recommended. We recommend a high quality helmet and soft volley ball pads for the knees and elbows. The soft pads allow for maximum movement and protection.

Q: I cannot make it to camp to pick my child up on Friday, is there a Saturday pick up option?
A: Indeed there is. For an additional fee, campers can stay with our hold over group to stay another night in skateboard paradise. We ask parents to arrive at camp on Saturday between noon and 3 pm.

Q: I would love to send my child to Camp, but I can’t afford it. What should I do?
A: Skate Camp is a great place. We do our best to accommodate anyone with financial need. We have funds available to pay partial tuition for campers who live within the Tulare, Fresno and Visalia county lines. Contact our registrar’s via phone (559) 624 – 1110 or e-mail for more details.

Q: I don’t have $800 right now, is there a payment plan?
A: Indeed there is! Payment plan options can be discussed upon registering. Contact our registrar’s via phone (559) 624 – 1110 or e-mail for more details.

Q: May I use my credit card?
A: But of course, our online registration process accommodates this desire.

Q: Do cell phones work at camp?
A: No. One of the best things about camp is its remote location. While at camp we do not worry about our “missed calls.” Instead we focus on building relationships one on one, face to face.

Q. Can I contact my child while they are at camp?
A. Yes. The easiest way to contact your child during the camp session is via e-mail. Please send all camper contact e-mails to our assistant director, Joey Tierney at

Q: How do you handle homesickness at camp?
A: Mild cases of homesickness are normal when a child is making adjustments in an unfamiliar environment, especially for the first time. Our staff training includes sessions on how to be aware of and to encourage children through this period of growth. In unusual cases, homesickness may persist. In such cases, additional camp personnel will support each child and communicate with parents. Parents may help by sending reassuring letters without promising to come and pick up their child. Developing independence is a goal of the camp experience. We will work hard to achieve this end.

Q: Can parents come and visit?
A: Yes, all parents and visitors must first communicate with camp director, Andy Dicker ( . We are a private camp, not open to the public.

Q: What will my camper eat?
A: Campers are served three square meals a day. Breakfast includes a cereal bar. Lunch and dinner include a salad bar. Served family style, meals are hearty and made with love. Vegetarian option available upon request.

Q: How does the camp handle food allergies?
A: Information regarding food allergies should be included on the health form. An additional letter with specific food substitutes should be provided upon registration. Our Food Service Director will monitor and make adjustments for these diets at each meal. Campers should also accept responsibility for adhering to their specific diets. The safety of your child is of the utmost importance to us. We ensure that all staff, especially the counselors, are aware of the specific dietary and medical needs of our campers.

Q: What is the protocol for medication?
A: Upon Sunday registration day, we ask parents to bring their medication into the rec. hall to sign in. In this process you will meet the medic and are then able to discuss any needs for medication. The medic will let the counselor know if there is any particular need. They will help ensure your camper gets what they need throughout the day.

Q: Are there places to stay nearby for parents?
A: There are a number of beautiful places to stay near camp. The Sequoia National Forest is but a stones throw away (or if you were Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, a football throw). Here are a few choices to look into prior to the journey to camp.

Q. Is there somewhere to stop and grab a bite to eat?
A: Bear Mountain Pizza!

Q: May I speak with someone from the camp office?
A: Yes, the golden state ymca office can be reached at

And the skate camp office while it is in session

Phone- (559) 335- 9113 To speak with Director please e-mail- To send a camper specific message please e-mail-

Q: What should I do if my child gets homesick?
A: Homesickness happens, no need to worry. Our staff is trained for such situations. After talking it out, if the camper and counselor decide it best to call home, they will contact you directly.

Q: How old do you have to be to work at skate camp?
A: Atleast eighteen years of age, with one summer out of highschool. Check out the job descriptions for more information.