Best Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings are some of the most vital components of a skateboard. It is critical your skateboard has quality bearings to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

If your board has started to feel a bit wobbly and not as stable as it used to be, you may need to get new bearings. Even if your board isn’t as fast as other boards, new bearings can improve its overall speed for you to grind and slide perfectly.

Each wheel on your skateboard needs two bearings. These fit inside the wheels and allow them to spin on their axles. It is possible to fill the space between them with a spacer to prevent the bearings from getting forced into the center of the wheels when the axle nut is tightened.

These also ensure your bearings remain parallel to each other which is important for smooth boarding. If your bearings become worn or damaged, they will have to be replaced.

We understand that choosing bearings for your board can be a grind. This is why we have done the hard work for you. We have done thorough research into the best skateboard bearings available on the market today.

We have weighed up the pros and cons of each product to give you a balanced insight into each to help you make the right decision for you and your board.

If that wasn’t enough, we have also included a buyer’s guide for you to seek out the most important information on buying skateboard bearings. If you have any more burning queries after this, our FAQs should answer them.

We want to help make the selection process as easy as possible for you so you can choose the best bearings for your particular skateboard.

The halfpipe calling for you? If you’re in a hurry, here is our top pick to get the wheels rolling!

Top 21 Best Skateboard Bearings


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At number one are the uniquely designed Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings. While most bearings measure 7mm in diameter, Bones Super Swiss Skateboard bearings are a little larger, measuring 8mm.

These bearings are made up of six large bells to provide an improved speed and acceleration for skateboarders. You’ll finally be able to achieve those tricks that require a bit more speed in the run-up! The design of these bearings offers a bit more than many on the market.

A high-speed nylon ball retainer gives more strength and speed. Bones Super Swiss Skateboard bearings should last you years too with exceptional durability and higher-quality than many of their competitors.

Pre-lubricated with Speed Creams, these bearings will let you speed up on your board easily and get great heights on the half-pipe. These Super Swiss bearings also come equipped with a non-contact, detachable rubber shield which helps reduce friction between the bearings and the board.

This also makes it easier to clean them and keep properly maintained. Along with excellent features, there are some more added bonuses.

You can buy these bearings safe in the knowledge that if anything goes wrong, a lifetime warranty has you covered. 


  • Bearings come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream for you to push off faster and smoother on your board
  • Uniquely designed with 6 large bells that help improve your board’s speed and acceleration
  • Comes with a high-speed nylon ball retainer for more durable and strong bearings
  • Includes a detachable rubber shield to reduce friction between the bearings
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty to cover you for any manufacturing defects


  • The bearings can create a loud noise at first but this tends to disappear after a short amount of use


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That’s right! Bones Bearings take the top two spots on our list and it’s hard to argue why. Just like our first choice, these Ceramic Skateboard bearings improve your board’s performance and are of the highest quality. Bones Bearings are renowned for their skateboarding products and it’s easy to see why.

BonesSwiss Ceramic Skateboard bearings promise high performance over a long period of time. Not only are they extremely durable but they are excellently lightweight for easy movements on your board. The ABEC 7 (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) precision rating of these bearings proves how much quality they offer.

Most bearings require lubrication every so often to keep them in shape. These ceramic bearings come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream for added speed and increased performance.

All you have to do is install them onto your board and you’re ready to go. Like the Bones Swiss model in first place, these bearings also have a nylon ball retainer for added durability and strength.

There is no surprise that Bones offer a lifetime warranty with this product too so if you come across any manufacturing defects, you are completely covered at all times.


  • Available in 8 bearings set with 4 bearing spacers to keep your bearings aligned at all times
  • The Cerbec ceramic balls are extremely durable and lightweight for swift movements on your board over a long time
  • The ABEC 7 precision rating ensures the high-quality, durability, and reliability of these bearings
  • Come pre-lubricated to save you the time of lubricating and to enhance your board’s performance
  • Made with nylon ball retainers for a sustained, smooth ride


  • These bearings will need some time to be broken in and could feel a little stiff at first


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The Spitfire Burner Skateboard Bearings are a great affordable choice if you’re on a budget but still looking for sheer quality.

These are definitely some of the best cost-friendly skateboard bearings out there. There is no need to worry about any compromise in terms of quality because of the cheaper price. You can rest assured Spitfire Burner Skateboard bearings will improve your board overall.

These bearings are made from high-carbon chrome steel. Although ceramic bearings are known as the toughest, high-carbon steel bearings such as these are almost in the same league with excellent heat resistance. This solid material ensures you are using durable and reliable bearings on your board.

What we loved about these bearings was their impact-resistant design using removable nylon cages. This is especially handy for all those kickflips, nosegrinds, and nollies you will be doing.

The fact they are removable also makes them easier to maintain over time. An ABEC 7 precision rating holds these bearings in high regard. This rating tells us that they have a tighter bearing tolerance with less resistance to higher speeds.

You can go down any hill or street with absolute ease without much resistance thanks to Spitfire’s highly polished and sharpened bearings.

Maintenance is important with your bearings so remember to clean them every month. This will keep them in good condition for you to achieve tricks easily and comfortably.


  • Has an ABEC 7 precision rating to help you cruise with little resistance
  • Very budget-friendly compared to many bearings on the market with no compromise in quality
  • Highly durable bearings thanks to the heat-resistant chrome steel material
  • Equipped with impact-resistant removable nylon cages for improved feel on the board
  • Easy to maintain to keep the board and bearings in good shape for long-lasting use


  • These are best suited to beginners or intermediate skaters but won’t meet the demands of professional skateboarders


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Made to withstand hard impacts on your board, the Bronson Speed Co Next Generation Skateboard Bearings are ideal for beginners.

The durability and construction of these bearings are fantastic. For example, Deep Groove raceways are built-in where the ball bearings roll deep in and limit any chances of side impacts. Avoiding damage such as this will make your board last a lot longer.

A max impact cage is installed to ensure these bearings are solid for reliable use but it also helps the balls stay well oiled during use. Balls-out technology stops any shield and cage contact for a continuous fast and smooth speed.

Thankfully, these bearings are easy to clean due to the straight edge frictionless shields over the bearings. Simply pop them off to clean out any dust, dirt, or moisture that has been collected below and wipe clean with a dry cloth. Your board will be like new each time!

If you’re a skater who experiences high impacts often, Bronson Speed Co Next Generation bearings could be the answer to all of your prayers. They may be a little loud at first but at least your board will stay in one piece.


  • Ideal for beginners and novices as the bearings can handle high impacts superbly
  • Very easy to clean thanks to a detachable frictionless shield for you to clean any dirt away underneath
  • Micro Groove raceways help improve lubrication and speed on the board
  • Deep Groove raceway balls help avoid damage and breakage over time
  • Max impact cage design keeps ball bearings spaced apart and well lubricated


  • Bearings can be a little loose for some skaters
  • These can be quite noisy at first with squeaks 


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The third entry on our list from the highly regarded skateboard bearings brand Bones and don’t be surprised if you see them again.

If you’re interested in ceramic bearings, we recommend the Bones Ceramic Super Red Skateboard bearings. Offering quality, reliability, and durability, you’ll never skate so smooth.

Ceramic bearings are some of the toughest on the market. Bone’s cerbec ceramic bearings are no exception with a lighter yet harder design than its steel bearings counterpart.

The bearings are also waterproof for added durability. High-speed nylon ball retainers are included for extra strength and speed so you can skate at a good pace without the board becoming wobbly under your feet.

As with most Bones bearings, this ceramic product comes pre-lubricated to save you time and effort in doing it yourself, time and time again. A rubber shield makes cleaning and maintenance a whole lot easier due to its detachability.

Yet again, Bones has a warranty with this product to cover you for any manufacturing defect. Just contact the company and they’ll help you out. 


  • Highly durable bearings with a cerbec design that is also stronger and long-lasting than steel bearings
  • Very lightweight for easy and smooth maneuvers on your board
  • Waterproof design for long-lasting use in all weather conditions
  • High-speed nylon ball retainer offers greater speed and strength along with added durability
  • Bearings come pre-lubricated to save you from doing it yourself over time


  • Not suited for beginners or novices due to the well-crafted design


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If you have a need for speed, then Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard bearings may be the ones for you.

They will contribute to a higher precision on your board when going at top speeds. Got an electric skateboard? These can work on that too as well as all other types of boards from longboards to traditional skateboards.

There is a secret ingredient to these bearings that help you gain speed on your board and we are going to tell you! This magic is found in high-speed racing lube which is sealed on the inside of the bearings producing higher speeds and decreased friction.

When you’re on your board, you will come up against dust, stones, and various debris that can have a detrimental effect on your board.

Fortunately, Yellow Jacket premium Skateboard bearings are made with a color seal to offer protection against this prolonging the life of your bearings. These seals are available in a variety of colors so you can match the colors of your board.

We love the quality of these bearing’s construction. The materials used in the making of the bearings add years to their lifespan helping you save money overall. This is especially true as the price tag is exceptionally economical.

A hassle-free money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind in case anything goes wrong with the bearings so you’re covered as well as your board.


  • The inclusion of high-speed racing lube provides more speed and less friction
  • Bearings are very versatile and can be used on all types of boards including longboards and electric skateboards
  • Protected very well with colored seals that prevent debris affecting the bearings and board
  • Choice of different seal colors to match your board’s style


  • Tend to be pretty noisy at first
  • It will take a little bit of time to break in these bearings but they’ll work wonders for long-lasting use


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This is one for those of you who may be on a bit of a budget. The esKape Abec-9 608-RS Skateboard Longboard bearings are designed for all types of skateboards so if you own a few different boards, you can sort out new bearings on each one now!

A plastic steel shield is installed to prevent dust and debris from building up inside your bearings. Although these bearings may not be as fast as other bearings we have looked at so far, there is no doubt that they offer an excellent smooth skating experience without any noise while they spin.

There is the addition of speed lubricant in case you wanted to glide as smoothly down the street as possible. This lube provides the best quality and durability out there.

esKape Abec-9 bearings are perfect if you are a beginner who is learning the skateboarding craft. These will help you figure out what type of skating you prefer whether it’s with looser bearings or tighter models for faster skates.

These bearings are also ideal for those who just cruise around on their skateboards. Not everyone does gnarly tricks here, there, and everywhere. Many skaters just like to get from A to Z on their board and these bearings will work well for those types of skaters.

It is worth keeping in mind that if you are one for nollies, grinding, or McTwist tricks, these bearings won’t be best suited for your needs.


  • Budget-friendly with a very cheap price-tag
  • Comes with high-speed lubricant for super fast skating
  • Built with a plastic steel shield to prevent dust and debris from clogging up the bearings and rendering them useless
  • Versatile bearings with the option to use them on all types of skateboards
  • Very durable for long-lasting use


  • Not suitable for performing tricks on your board


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RADECKAL Blue ABEC 7 Skateboard bearings are made to ensure your board goes faster and smoother for a longer period of time.

Whether you’re skating down hills, gliding the streets, or hitting the skate park with your buddies, these ABEC 7 precision bearings will provide a smooth and fast ride every time.

Versatility is always a welcome feature when it comes to bearings and this is exactly what ABEC 7 bearings offer. They are compatible with all skateboard types as well as roller skates and scooters.

They also come pre-lubricated to provide a frictionless and smooth rotation when skating. The days of rusty bearings slowing down your board will be over!

The fact that these have been tested and approved by skaters will leave you safe in the knowledge that you are getting top-quality bearings which will enhance your skating experience and fulfill your skating requirements.

A money-back guarantee is in place to cover any dissatisfaction with the bearings or possible manufacturer’s defects.


  • Ideal for skating on many surfaces such as up and down hills, along streets, or in skate parks
  • Precision bearings offer smoothness and extra speed for a better riding experience
  • Compatible with roller skates, kick scooters, and all types of skateboards
  • Budget-friendly with a money-back guarantee to cover you
  • Tested and approved by skaters to ensure they meet your skating requirements


  • Not suitable for uneven surfaces that can be bumpy


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Surprise, surprise! It’s Bones Skateboard bearings again. For the highest quality bearings that offer the highest performance, Bones never disappoint. Bones Super Red Skateboard bearings are no exception with high-grade balls and a premium surface finish to provide outstanding performance for you and your board.

Do you like to go fast on your board? If so, you will love these bearings. Once you put the Bones bearings on your board, you’ll probably go faster than you ever have before. They come pre-lubricated with speed cream ensuring a safe and smooth skate, even at higher speeds.

The nylon ball retainers protect your bearings and prevent any damage from occurring. A removable rubber shield allows you to get down and dirty below to clean any debris that has built up in the bearings.

If you want to build momentum as you skate downhill or even uphill, Bones Super Red Skateboard bearings are the ones for you. Compared to other brand’s bearings, these are a little more expensive but if you are dead set on Bones, then these are some of their cheaper bearings.


  • Offer better and closer tolerance for a smoother skate
  • Quality is second only to ceramic bearings
  • Highly durable material for long-lasting results especially for boards with sharp wheels and anodized aluminum spacers
  • Come pre-lubricated with speed cream for faster racing and smoother rides


  • Somewhat more expensive compared to similar models


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If you’re looking for bearings that come ready to install, then the Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards could be a great option to consider.

With built-in spacers and speed rings, you will be left without the hassle of installing them yourself. This also means you won’t have to worry about losing any smaller parts from the bearings when you have to change or clean them.

There is a large reduction of friction in these bearings for a smooth, effortless ride on your board every time. Your board will gain speeds it’s never experienced before with top-quality built-in speed rings.

You can choose from two colors; green and white. These look stylish on just about every board out there. If you like more vibrant and vivid colors, then green may be the best option. If ceramic bearings are your thing, white is probably the better choice.

Your riding experience will never be the same again but only for the better. Special lubricant is included with these bearings to give you the most steady skate of your life.


  • Includes a special lubricant (Archoil Nanoceramic grease) for a smoother ride
  • Reduces friction to a minimum on your board
  • Bearings come with in-built spacers and speed rings to save you the time of installing them yourself
  • Can choose from two colors (green and white) to suit your style


  • Unable to fit wider spaces including those that measure 10.2 mm
  • Can take some time to break in the bearings


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If you’re looking for an economical set of bearings that offer good quality, then you should consider the Mini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic bearings.

These are suitable for all types of skateboards with their inner diameter measurement of 8 mm and an outer diameter of 22 mm.

This product comes pre-lubricated for an easy-going, serene skate. Extra lubrication is provided in case you felt the bearings needed more oiling over time.

Cost-friendly and durable, Mini Skater Generic bearings come in a pack of 16 so you can save money on a one-time purchase and have a backup set ready for when the bearings need replacing.


  • Measured to suit all types of skateboards
  • An inexpensive product compared to similar brands
  • Comes pre-lubricated for a fast and smooth ride
  • Available in a set of 16 to help you save money


  • Can be quite difficult to clean between the bearings


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With pre-lubricated low viscosity Bones Speed Cream, the Rollerbones bearings are made to enhance your skating experience with no friction whatsoever.

The construction is high-quality, as with all Bones products, giving you the best performance possible.

Nylon ball cages act as protection for the ball against any damage and dust. If dirt or debris builds up inside, you can remove the nylon cage for easy maintenance as well as take apart the bearings to clean them sufficiently. This regular maintenance will improve your bearing’s performance to last a long time.

Rollerbones bearings will be a great investment, especially coming in a pack of 16 so you can save money on buying new bearings along the line.


  • A 16 pack is more than enough for a standard skateboard
  • Easily removable nylon cage for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Comes pre-lubricated with low viscosity Bones Speed cream to provide a frictionless ride
  • Ideal for inline skates as well as skateboards


  • The rubber seal over the bearings can become damaged quite easily


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For top-quality bearings that offer high-speed performance, the Bronson Speed Co Raw Skateboard bearings are one of the best. If you have a little extra cash to splash, these are what you should be spending your money on.

The bearings come pre-lubricated for a frictionless, undisturbed skating experience. Riding will be heavenly. Heaven is a halfpipe after all!

You will be set for a long period with durable construction and the fact that these come in a pack of 8 means you won’t have to worry about replacing and finding new bearings any time soon.

Here is the science part. Bronson Speed skateboard bearings come in a nitrogen-filled package to rule out any oxidation of the metal. This means your bearings will stay in good shape for a long while in the packaging before being installed onto your board.


  • Nitrogen-filled packaging prevents any rust from building up on the bearings
  • Come pre-lubricated for a super smooth skating experience
  • No shield on the bearings giving them a rawness and faster feel
  • 100% hand-inspected to ensure you are getting safe, top-quality bearings


  • Some of the most expensive bearings on the market today
  • Requires regular maintenance


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We love the simplicity of these bearings, including the plain, retro packaging. However, these are anything but simple or average.

Mini-Logo Skateboards bearings will provide a first-class performance every time your board is used.

A high-speed molded chromium ball retainer helps protect the ball when skating, especially with harder impacts so you can skate safely and perform to your best abilities.

There is a metal shield on one side with a rubber shield on the other for added convenience. Simply take off the rubber shield on one side for easy maintenance.

A lifetime warranty will cover you if you come across any issues. Just contact the manufacturer and they will help you all they can.


  • Highly convenient bearings with a removable rubber shield to clean easily beneath as well as a metal shield for added protection
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty in case you find any issues
  • Made with a high-speed molded chromium finish ball retainer to provide extra protection when skating


  • A very simplistic design that may not be to everyone's tastes


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Neal Precision Skate bearings can be described as hybrid bearings due to their ceramic construction alongside steel for added strength and durability.

You will glide at soaring speeds thanks to these bearings. Their maximum spinning rate is an exceptional 100,000 rpm when under a load. There is no doubt you will achieve an untroubled ride when using these bearings.

Coming in a set of 8, Neal Precision bearings are packaged in a very stylish reusable aluminum case in which you can store spare bearings or skateboard parts until they’re ready to install.

We love the design and rich black color of these bearings and we’re sure you would too. You will instantly feel the difference on your board with better balance while the board will look very slick at the same time.


  • Extremely lightweight for faster skates yet highly durable
  • They have a maximum spinning rate of 100,000 rpm under load for an ultra-fast and even riding experience
  • Very stylish looking with a deep rich black color design
  • Come in a reusable sleek aluminum case to keep them safe as well as store certain bearings before being installed


  • They have a tendency to seize up if you tighten too much


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Here is another highly recommended product for those who are looking to increase their speed and keep the ride as smooth as possible.

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard bearings are known for their high levels of precision thanks to a fantastic design. These allow for a high-spinning speed as well as a quiet rotation.

The bearings come pre-lubricated with a special lubricant so that your bearings will work quickly and smoothly. If you have a longboard, you can use this product too. Its versatility doesn’t end there as the bearings can be used on roller skates, kick scooters, and inline skates too.

A smooth-rolling design will instantly provide you with more stability, balance, and control than most standard bearings.

There are many aspects to love about the Heady Shake bearings including a waterproof sticker for your board and four skateboard spacers.


  • Offers a very high level of precision for an easier skating experience
  • Comes pre-lubricated to reduce friction and guarantee a smoother yet quicker ride
  • Very versatile as they can be used on a variety of skate types
  • Offers better stability and control thanks to its smooth rolling design


  • The only downside is that the bearings can be a bit noisy


[amazon fields=”B004UOM2VM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

For added excitement on your board, you should try Amphetamine ABEC 7 Inline Skate bearings.

They are designed to meet the demands that skateboarding has such as high impacts. Its high ABEC rating of 7 proves that these are some of the fastest bearings on the market.

Amphetamine Skate bearings have 8 balls to make them faster and stronger. This is because any impact will only come in contact with 2 or three of the balls.

The bearings come pre-lubricated with an extra-performance speed oil. Friction is massively reduced thanks to gas-washed surfaces on the bearings resulting in a smoother skate over all surfaces.

We are sure you will be a fan of the friction-free shields which are made from rubber that integrate into the bearings. These work quickly while being very easy to clean and maintain at the same time.


  • Designed to meet all the physical demands that are associated with skateboarding for long-lasting use
  • Has a very high ABEC rating of 7 to guarantee one of the fastest bearings available
  • Equipped with rubber shields to prevent any friction when skating
  • Built with 8 steel balls to ensure the bearings work faster and stronger for a more balanced ride


  • The spacers can be quite tricky to line up at first so may take some time


[amazon fields=”B07R7PR72H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Highly durable and resistant to deformity under heavier loads, Wellgo 608-2RS Skateboard Bearings encompasses all the qualities you want in high-quality bearings.

They can be used on all skateboard types as well as inline skates and scooters thanks to their regular measurements.

The bearings come with 608-2 RS bearings shields on either side to keep the lubricant in and any contaminants such as dust or dirt out. Wellgo ensures their bearings are well protected with an application of rust protection.

However, this protection only works to a certain extent so they advise you to keep the bearings away from damp places to avoid rust.

A rubber-sealed deep groove will help you ride with ease and have the best balance and stability possible on your board.


  • Very durable material that won’t become damaged under heavy loads
  • Versatile bearings that can be used on a variety of skating applications
  • Solid shield bearings on each side to keep the bearings well lubricated but also keep dirt out
  • Wellgo use rust protection on the bearings to prevent the build-up of rust in the bearings


  • May need quite a lot of lubrication to get the spinning to your desired standards


[amazon fields=”B000FDQ0D8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Unlike our earlier Bones Swiss bearing entry, these are not ceramic. Instead, these are made from chromium which makes them very fast but, at the same time, extremely durable so you can use them for quite a long time.

Bones Swiss Skateboard bearings are equipped with a nylon ball retainer for less friction as you skate and more protection from damage and dust.

Bones Cream lubricant is added to intensify the wheel’s strength and speed. The balls of the bearings will rotate evenly to make your skateboarding experience that much sweeter.

Bones bearings are designed to be user-friendly. This is no more evident than in the removable rubber shield that protects the balls from dust, dirt, and debris. If contaminants do get in, the shield is easy to remove for simple cleaning.


  • Constructed from chromium for further durability and strength
  • Designed to be user-friendly so you can clean and maintain the bearings easily and swiftly
  • Made with a nylon ball retainer to protect the bearings against any exposure from dust or dirt


  • These bearings won’t last as long as some models, especially if you experience high impacts regularly


[amazon fields=”B012JWTPJS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Oust MOC Skateboard bearings will help your overall speed as well as look awesome with your board. These are designed to withstand most impacts thanks to their strong and durable design. The less friction you encounter, the smoother your ride will be.

Each bearing has 2 removable buna rubber seals which provide added protection against dirt and moisture.

Although the ABEC rating is only 5, you shouldn’t underestimate these. This isn’t always the main factor in a bearing’s quality and many skaters have loved the quality and stability Oust MOC bearings have given them.

The only way for you to find out is to try the Oust bearings for yourself! Although at number 19 on our list, these may be the right ones for you.


  • Made from durable steel to help your board gain extra speed
  • Polished finish and made of High Rockwell materials for long-lasting use
  • Excellent manufacturing construction with MOC 5 technology


  • Tend to be quite expensive for beginners
  • Low ABEC ratings which out many consumers off


[amazon fields=”B002BBICBK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Do you want plain and simple? If you’re not one for the style and look of bearings, then VXB’s bearings could be the ones for you.

As well as being very cheap, the bearings are of great quality to help enhance your skating life.

It can be a good idea to try out cheaper bearings to figure out what you want from your board. This is very helpful if you are starting out in skateboarding.

VXB’s 608ZZ Shielded bearings may not last as long as some other brands but they will help you decide what type of bearing suits you best.

Although not the most durable on the market, these carbon steel bearings should hold up well against heavy loads allowing for more weight or stronger impacts on landing.


  • The steel bearings are made from carbon steel for a cost-friendly choice
  • Comes equipped with pre-lubricants for optimal speed and performance
  • Highly suited to beginners who want to test what bearings are best for their needs


  • Quality is slightly compromised with its cheaper price tag
  • Won’t last as long as more expensive models

Best Skateboard Bearings Buyer’s Guide

Before you jump the gun and buy new skateboard bearings, there are a few factors you need to consider first.

Whether it's the ABEC ratings of bearings or the different components involved, it is worth keeping all of these features in mind so you can make your final decision in complete confidence.

ABEC Ratings

Skateboard bearing measurements are based on ABEC ratings. This determines the quality of the bearings in terms of their precision and accuracy.

Simply put, the higher the ABEC rating, the more precision, and accuracy the bearing typically offers.

Let’s take a look at the different ABEC ratings in better detail:

  • ABEC 1 - These are the cheapest bearings with low accuracy and precision value. The quality of the steel involved is typically quite poor too.
  • ABEC 3 - Bearings with this rating are generally more expensive but still quite cheap. These are also lacking in terms of precision and accuracy with very little smoothness.
  • ABEC 5 - This is the desired rating of choice for standard skaters. Bearings in this category will provide sufficient speed and smoothness at an affordable price.
  • ABEC 7 - Bearings with a rating of 7 offer higher speeds and better smoothness but at a more expensive price.
  • ABEC 9 - This rating is usually kept for pro skateboarders who ride downhill a lot and require precise speed navigation. Not surprisingly, these bearings are pretty expensive.

The Components

It is important to consider the different components of skateboard bearings. Even though bearings are small, their materials and construction can be quite complex. It’s vital you know these components for when you’re cleaning your bearings so you don’t misplace or lose any of the small parts.

The main components that make up skateboard bearings are:

  • C-ring - This is found on the outer groove of the bearing and helps secure the shields.
  • Bearing Shield - These medium-sized rings are found on the side and prevent dust and debris from forming on the ball bearings.
  • Outer Ring - This a circular metallic exterior that is connected to other parts of the bearings.
  • Inner Ring - This fits inside the outer rings to help axle your bearings.
  • Balls Retainer - This encompasses the ball bearings in a hard casing while they rotate around the axis of the retainer.
  • Steel Balls - These consist of around 6 or 7 small steel or ceramic balls that help the board’s wheels move. 
  • Rubber Seal - This is located on the outside of the bearings and it links the exterior to the interior of the bearings. This will have to be removed for maintenance and lubricating the interior.

The Bearing’s Quality

It goes without saying but the quality of the bearings is critical. You should see what materials are used in the bearing’s construction and whether they are durable and strong enough for your style of skating.

There are typically two types of bearing materials: Ceramic and steel.

Ceramic is a relatively new material in bearings. They are ultra smooth and reduce friction to an absolute minimum. Ceramic bearings also don’t expand in the heat like steel bearings. However, these can be quite expensive with a huge price gap between ceramic and steel. The choice is down to you and your personal preference.

Steel bearings are the most common type. The quality can vary depending on each product and the manufacturer. The more expensive steel and ceramic bearings are, the better quality they usually provide.

Amount You Skate

You should think about how much you skate and what bearings are best for your style. It is recommended you buy bearings with a long-term goal in mind.

It’s best not to purchase bearings that will last for the time being. Think about how long you want to use them and if you’ll need spares too. Rushing your decision tends to end up with a lower quality purchase where the bearings will stiffen and rust quite soon.


Spacers help minimize the weight of the bearings to give you a more stable and smoother skating experience.

Spacers are optional as you don’t specifically need them. However, if you plan on performing a lot of tricks and skate professionally, spacers can become very useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard skateboarding bearing size?

The standard size is 608. This is the original ball bearing size and is typically composed of optional closures, a ball retainer, balls, and an outer/inner race.

You can also look at the size with an inner diameter of 8 mm, an outer diameter of 22 mm, and a width of 7 mm. Bearings under the 608 series should fit all skateboard wheels, no matter their diameters.

What are the most trustworthy skateboard bearings brands?

We have included all of the top skateboard bearings brands in our comprehensive product list above. These include Yellow Jacket, Spitfire, Head Shake, Zealous, Bones, Amphetamine, NEAL Bearings, Bronson Speed Co, Fireball Skate, and many more.

All of these brands have many positive reviews from skaters but the brand Bones may be the most famous and impressive brand of the lot. Bones offer various models that cater to just about every skater out there.