Best Skateboard Trucks

Have you ever considered building a custom skateboard? While buying a ready-to-ride skateboard and heading straight to the bowl may seem convenient, building your own is not only incredibly rewarding.

It also allows you to customize your board to be perfect for you and your riding style. For example, you can switch up your deck design or change your wheel size whenever you want, which ultimately optimizes your skating performance.

While building your own skateboard may seem like a daunting pursuit, it’s actually pretty easy- as soon as you familiarize yourself with the key components; deck, wheels, trucks.

What are Trucks?

A truck is essentially a T-shaped instrument, usually constructed from metal or plastic, used as a sort of joint that keeps every part of a board together. They mount on to the underside of your skateboard deck and they help to protect the wheels and bearings.

They’re often adjustable, so you can make them more suitable for tighter turns or faster speeds. They’re an essential part of any skateboard and they have a huge impact on the overall stability of the board and what tricks the rider can perform.

In this article, we’ll cover what to look for when buying skateboard trucks and recommend our 5 favorites.

Got to get back to the grind? Not to worry. Here’s a quick link to our favorite skateboard trucks on the market right now and a few of its key features condensed:

  • Pack of 2 trucks.
  • Very affordable.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Made from durable aluminum alloy.
  • Standard size is suitable for most decks.
  • Many color options to choose from.

Top 5 Best Skateboard Trucks


[amazon fields=”B004UOL4P2″ value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B00NY3Q5Q8″ value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B002R6HFWG” value=”thumb”]


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Our Top Pick has to be these Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks. While they’re not considered “high-end” trucks, we think that they’re the best all-rounder in terms of quality, price, and design.

First off, you may notice that Havoc trucks look a little different compared to most other options on the market. The reason for their slender appearance is simple; there’s less material.

Thanks to their signature mold, this is what makes Havoc trucks superior when it comes to lightweight performance. The lighter your board, the smoother your ride. Fortunately, these trucks are made from a lightweight aluminum alloy that is strong enough to tolerate wear and tear.

Another reason why we love these Havoc trucks is that they’re super customizable. For example, you can choose from a neutral black or white, or a louder yellow or pink, among many more.

These are the perfect trucks to add a pop of color to your board without changing your deck. They’ll fit onto pretty much any board of any size, but they work best on a 7.75-inch deck.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. Customers consistently mentioned how durable these trucks are how they’re still going strong after months of practicing tricks and grinds.

While this product doesn’t come with hardware such as bearings and bolts, wheel spacers are included. These trucks can’t be faulted on price, too. They’re extremely affordable, without compromising on quality.


  • Very affordable - the cheapest on this list!
  • Standard size- suitable for most board types.
  • Constructed from strong but lightweight aluminum alloy.
  • Makes a great choice for beginners and experienced riders alike.
  • Long-lasting and durable.


  • The stock bushings may be a little too stiff for some riders.


[amazon fields=”B00NY3Q5Q8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Next up has to be these Cal II Longboard Trucks from Caliber Truck co.

The company specializes in creating high-quality skateboard trucks and its reputation has soared continuously since its emergence back in 2010. They’re known for their sleek minimalist truck designs, and their Cal II Longboard Trucks are some of their best.

It’s important to note that these are longboard trucks, which means that they’re not suitable for standard skateboards. If longboarding is your thing, these are a great choice.

They’re fully adjustable and can be installed to be much more carvy or stable depending on your preference. If you decide to try out a new riding style in the future, not to worry - they can be changed with ease whenever you feel like it.

The Caliber II is their second longboard truck design, hence the namesake. They’ve made a few improvements to the construction, which has made these much stronger.

Additionally, this longboard truck features a non-slip bushing seat for more predictable movement and added stability.

It also has a tighter fit for the pivot pin, a better contact area with the bushing, and a better kingpin than past trucks. All of these technical improvements contribute to a premium riding experience.

This truck comes in a choice of 14 different colors, from plain silver to neon pink and green. Hundreds of happy customers have been singing its praises on Amazon, with people consistently mentioning how great these trucks are for street skating and commuting.

Some people found them to be the perfect trucks for high speeds and downhill skating.


  • Pivot has a high tolerance.
  • Grade 8 hex head kingpin for durability.
  • Reinforced baseplate improves strength.
  • Solid construction.
  • Non-slip bushing.
  • Multiple color options to choose from.


  • Some people found that the painted options were prone to wear and fading over time.


[amazon fields=”B002R6HFWG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Core Trucks have been going strong for the past 20 years and they’re now among the fastest-growing brands in the market today.

They’re well known for their lightweight signature design which gives plenty of clearance for grinds. Their trucks are made with quality in mind but are also accessible to those who are on a low budget.

All of their products are imagined, designed, and manufactured in the USA, along with the included bushings and pivot cups.

This specific product is their pair of premium aluminum alloy skateboard trucks. These are low-profile trucks that come in a variety of sizes.

Although they are advertised as skateboard trucks, the manufacturer states that the 6.0” and the 7.0” models are suitable for use on most longboards.

Just keep in mind that due to the low profile, you may need to use thicker riser pads if you are using bigger wheels (60mm+), to avoid wheel bite.

The base plates of this truck have six holes. They are drilled in a way that makes them suitable for the “old-school” 2.5-inch hole pattern as well as the modern2-inch hole pattern, making them one of the most versatile trucks on the market.

They’re compatible with a whole host of wheel types, but the manufacturer recommends pairing this truck with 50-58mm wheels. However, this can vary depending on your preference and deck.

Happy customers have mentioned how they were pleasantly surprised at the high-quality, considering the reasonable price point.

However, other reviewers found that the bushings that come with the truck are very poor. So, you may have to change these if they’re not your style.

Overall, this Core truck is a great choice for almost every kind of rider.


  • Great for street, freestyle, and ramp skateboarding.
  • Available in a huge selection of sizes from 7.375” - 9.63”.
  • Available in many different colors.
  • Features lightweight but strong aluminum hangers.
  • Heavy-duty super high rebound bushings.
  • Affordable.


  • The bushings are quite dense, which isn’t suitable for every type of rider.
  • The trucks can bend over time.


[amazon fields=”B017OUJPHM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This truck comes from the brand VJ, which isn’t very well known. However, if you’re not interested in luxury brands and would be content with decent value at an affordable price, you may want to consider these trucks. They’re constructed from lightweight aluminum, that doesn’t compromise on quality.

This product is a complete set that comes with trucks, wheels, bolts, and base plates. Despite this, this set is a similar price to luxury trucks that are sold individually.

Their unique package comes with an array of options that allow you to customize your purchase. The trucks are a standard 5-inch hanger and have an axle width of 7.6 inches (this makes them perfect for decks that measure 7.5 - 8”). The six-hole base plates are suitable for both old school decks as well as newer models.

The customizable wheel options allow you to take your pick from 52mm, 53mm, and 54 mm wheels in a variety of colors such as red, neon pink, and green.

The bearings that come in this set are 608 standard ABEC 7. This is the ideal bearing as it is versatile. It should fit almost every skateboard wheel, as it has a diameter of 22mm and a width of 7mm.

They’ve also thrown in some 1-inch screws and 2mm skateboard riser pads, which can help to prevent wheel bite.

Although most of the reviews for this product are positive, there are a few that mention quality control issues. For example, some customers have reported that they can squeak at high speeds and develop riding resistance over time.


  • Variety of different wheel size options.
  • Lightweight but durable aluminum construction.
  • Standard truck sizes suitable for most decks.
  • Various accessories included.
  • Affordable compared to other sets.


  • Some quality control issues.


[amazon fields=”B002R6HO0O” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Independent is a popular brand in the skateboarding parts industry. They owe their reputation to their consistently high-quality skateboarding components, and their Silver Raw Stage 11 truck is no exception.

The set comes with two trucks, each measuring 129mm. This is an ideal size as it’s suitable for standard shortboard decks as well as smaller decks measuring between 7.4 to 8 inches wide.

The hangers are 5 inches wide, so be careful if you’re using a board that’s smaller than 7.75 inches, as the trucks may peek out from underneath the deck.

The hanger and base plate are pristine and shiny in appearance and they’re both constructed from 356 T6 aluminum. Aluminum is a great material choice for a truck, as it’s lightweight but durable, too.

The design of this truck is perfect for a variety of different skating styles including, cruising, carving, performing tricks, or riding the bowl. This truck has been designed with longevity in mind, making it a great choice for the skater who often finds themselves taking a tumble.

According to satisfied customers on Amazon, the Independent Truck provides great stability and decent balance when making sharp turns and performing different tricks.

They’ve been specially designed for better grind clearance, reduced hang-up yoke for grinding, and reduced wheel bite for a smoother ride.

Due to the Independent’s high quality and robust design, it is one of the more expensive skateboard trucks on the market. Before you let this put you off, keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to skating equipment.

This product also doesn’t come with any hardware, simply just the trucks themselves. You’ll need to use your own screws and lock bolts when mounting.


  • Good performance and stability.
  • Improved grind clearance.
  • Ideal size to fit on most decks.
  • Super-smooth turning.
  • Reliable and popular brand.


  • Can be squeaky when used the first couple of times.
  • More expensive than similar models on the market.

Best Skateboard Trucks Buying Guide

The type of trucks you buy will directly affect the stability of your skateboard. If you buy the wrong type of truck for your ability, riding style, and environment, you can experience a whole host of issues.

A common problem associated with attaching the wrong trucks to your deck is wheel bite. This is where the wheels rub against the board which can result in them halting suddenly, usually causing the rider to fall.

To ensure that your new trucks will be able to withstand inevitable wear and tear, you’ll need to consider a multitude of different factors. Below we’ve broken these factors down to guide you in your hunt for the perfect trucks for your skateboard.


There are two key types of skateboard trucks, both of which are designed for different styles of skating. Read on to find out which is best for you; standard kingpin or reverse kingpin.

Standard Kingpin - Standard kingpin trucks are the most popular type of trucks and they’re suitable for any style of skateboarding. They’re great for beginners as they’re easily adjustable, which allows the rider to customize the way in which their board turns. We recommend opting for a standard kingpin truck as they’re great for street skating and skateparks, making them the most versatile type.

Reverse Kingpin - You’ll only need to consider this type of truck if you’re into carving and cruising, or skating fast down hills. They’re typically a little taller and wider than standard kingpin skateboard trucks. They’re extremely customizable, so it suits many styles of riding.


The size of a skateboard truck will depend on how wide the axle is. For example, if a truck is advertised as being 6”, this means that the axle width is also 6”. It’s not always easy to know what sort of truck is going to be the best for you, but you should try and aim for trucks that have a similar width to your board.

Avoid buying trucks that are more than 1/4 “ smaller or bigger than your skateboard deck. If you have a 7.75” deck, they’ll be perfect. Although they’d be fine on a 7.5”-8” deck, it’s better to buy trucks that are sized specifically for your deck (i.e. 8” truck size, for an 8” deck).

If you pick trucks that are just very slightly too big, it can provide extra stability. Some experienced riders opt for bigger trucks in order to prevent choppiness at high speeds. However, this makes it incredibly difficult to control your board and maneuverability becomes poor. If you’re wanting to practice tricks, you need maneuverability.

On the other hand, if you buy trucks that are too small for your deck, you’ll probably find it easier to land tricks at a low-speed. But you should be cautious - if you pick up any pace, you’ll notice a lack of stability of your deck. This makes performing and practicing tricks difficult, not to mention the number of injuries this could cause.

To help you to make the right decision, here’s a handy size chart:

Deck Width (inches)

Suggested Truck Axle Width

7.25 - 7.625


7.4 - 7.875


7.6 - 8.0

7.75 / 7.8

7.75 - 8.25


7.875 - 8.375


8.0 - 8.5


8.25 - 8.75

8.4 / 8.5

8.5 - 9.25


8.75 - 10.0


9.0 - 9.75


9.25 - 10.0


9.75 + 


10.0 +



The most common type of skateboard trucks are high trucks, and they’re considered the standard, run-of-the-mill height.

However, certain skateboard truck brands also sell high and low trucks. Some trucks aren’t always advertised as being high or low, so you can assume that these are the standard height; high.

High trucks can be useful when controlling the skateboard as you move. For example, high trucks give you a more responsive turn and a tad more wheel clearance. This means that you can use bigger wheels, without the risk of experiencing dreaded wheel bite.

High trucks are the best kind for beginners, this is because of their popularity. If you choose to ride a board with high trucks, you’re going to have far more truck and wheel options to choose from.

Alternatively, you could always opt for low trucks. These are usually only ever by professional skaters, so if you’re a beginner, we recommend avoiding these.

They’re specially designed to achieve quick and responsive movements thanks to the more stable center of gravity. You won’t come across low trucks as often as high ones, and a low model is usually only offered if the trucks are available in both high and low configurations.


As well as truck height, you should consider what they’re made from and how heavy they are. For example, some trucks are made from solid metal whereas some others are completely hollow.

Trucks that have hollow kingpins and/or hollow axles are great for reducing the overall weight of a skateboard. A lighter board means that it’s easier to pop higher, flick faster, and not get weighed down.

The weight of your trucks comes down to personal preference. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles to find the perfect type for you.


The hanger is the part of the truck that has the axle, bushings, and wheels attached to it. It rotates in the pivot cup and allows the board to turn. It is usually a T-shaped aluminum alloy grind area.

The wheels attach onto each side and the kingpin runs up the inside along with the hanger. This is the part of your board that is going to come into contact with the ground, rails, and curbs. So, you need to ensure that your hanger is durable enough to withstand your style of skating.

The typical truck hanger will weigh around 10-13 ounces. However, some brands specialize in certain types of hangers, with many of them advertising the lightest trucks at the highest prices.


Bushings are the urethane cushions that slide on the kingpin and rest on either side of the hanger.

They are designed to give the truck stability and allow you to customize the way your trucks turn. Hard bushings tend to restrict your turn for better stability while soft bushings allow a less stable, but more responsive turn.

Each truck has two bushing- so 4 in total. They can come in various degrees of hardness, with the most robust kind offering you more resistance. These hard bushings are beneficial to heavier riders and technical skaters who like to perform a variety of street tricks.

Alternatively, you could always opt for softer rubber bushings. These are usually more responsive than harder ones, which can help when performing twists and turns. If your style of skating tends to be carving and cruising, we recommend choosing softer bushings for your deck.


You may or may not be familiar with risers. They’re completely optional, so you can still ride with or without them.

They’re usually made from a hard plastic or rubber material and they’re used to absorb the impacts that your truck will inevitably have to endure. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the risers, the better.

Risers need to be secured between the base plate and the main deck using the six screw holes. If you think you’d like to try some out, great news - they’re suitable for both small and longboards.

You should always choose screws that are 1 inch longer than the risers you opt for. For example, if risers are ¼ of an inch, then the screws should be 1 and ¼ inches.

As mentioned, risers are optional and will depend on the size of your wheels. If your wheels are larger than 56mm, you should consider investing in some risers to guarantee a smooth clearance when taking sharp turns. Having risers installed on your trucks helps to absorb any impacts and reduces the risk of wheel bite.

They’re also used to reduce the amount of vibration you experience while skating.

What are the different components of a skateboard truck?

When you’re trying to choose the skateboard trucks, it can help to familiarize yourself with all of the different components, how they work, and how they affect your riding experience.

  • Base Plate - Mounts to the deck and houses the kingpin and pivot cup.
  • Hanger - The T-shaped part that holds the axle and the pivot.
  • Axle - Passes through the hanger and extends on each end to hold the wheels and bearings.
  • Pivot - Part of the hanger that extends into the pivot cup on the baseplate and provides the axis for turning.
  • Pivot Cup - Holds and cushions the pivot in the baseplate and can be easily replaced if worn out.
  • Kingpin - Mounted on the base plate and extends through the bushings and hanger to hold all the pieces together.
  • Bushings - Replaceable urethane cushions that mount on the kingpin on both sides of the hanger to provide stability.
  • Kingpin Nut - Holds the trucks together and provides compression on the bushings for easy adjustability.